Europa Park and Rulantica Summer Review 2020

Europa Park is a well known theme park situated within Germany, being one of the most popular, biggest and best in Europe. Alongside this giant theme park, Rulantica which was new for Winter 2019, has had huge success since its opening. A water world, fun for the whole family with a fantastic theme based on Snorri and his friends. Both complexes include a completely unique experience as they continue to expand and adapt with the audiences, times and needs. 

We came to experience both places during our trip to Germany on August bank holiday weekend to see what was new for 2020. Whilst Covid-19 is still effecting most of the world, we cover how Europa Park & Rulantica manage to adapt as one of the leading theme parks which normally experience huge audiences during peak times. 

Germany at the time of our visit had quite low numbers of covid cases however, they still took the required precautions as recommended by the government at the time. In Germany, 1.5 meters is the recommended distance you should keep away from others outside your household at anytime. Markers are placed across Europa Park as you would expect throughout the queue lines. Mouth & nose coverings are only accepted at Europa Park and must be worn on all rides and queue lines. Staff enforced this well throughout our day at the park which was moderately busy. Hand sanitisers were in plenty around the park along with hand washing stations scattered through the park. 

Rulantica is a slightly different experience due to masks not being required to be worn when swimming and within waterparks, due to safety reasons. Guest capacity alongside the theme park are reduced and you are still expected to keep your distance at all times where possible. Thankfully, Rulantica is quite a big waterpark indoors and outdoors, so regardless of the weather you can find your own space to relax.  We spent a full 12 hours in Rulantica and the levels were reasonable throughout with some busy peak times as you would expect, especially with the evening ticket which grants extra guests in from 5 & 7pm at a reduced price. 

The queue lines for the water slides are still socially distanced without the use of the masks, with 1.5 meters gap being the minimum. Some of the queues have been altered slightly when the slides are side by side, with them adding a barrier or covering in between which does not lose the theme of Rulantica. This is also done within some of the Europa Park queuelines too, with these done to a good construction standard so that they do not alter your experience too much, without compromising safety. 

Europa Park is still as amazing as ever in 2020, with everything still seeming as normal as they can be given the current circumstances. Since our last visit, Europa Park have opened the new attraction Pirates In Batavia. Originally opening back in 1987, it took significant damage during a fire in the park a couple of seasons ago however, Europa Park confirmed they would be bringing the attraction back with modern effects and changes to make it bigger & better. 

Whilst not open during our visit, Yullbe opens late September which is a brand new virtual reality system coming to Europa Park with several different stories to experience. As an upcharge attraction, it is expected to take another big step in the VR world. The story of Rulantica is one of these experiences alongside a special Traumatica experience, with a themed area and event over the Halloween season will be put on due to the Traumtica event being cancelled for 2020.

Europa Park have added virtual lines as a way to help space out guests and to reduce physical queuelines across the park. This is easily done by registering your ticket on the Europa Park & Rulantica mobile app and selecting one of the rides, which will then give you a QR code to scan through a seperate entrance. You can still queue as normal however, the virtual line does reduce the need of queuing on a select amount of attractions that do have Virtual Line. The Virtual Line queue is easily found at the entrance of each ride and has simply taken over the single rider queuelines, with these not being used due to obvious reasons.

Pirates in Batavia recently launched a few weeks before our visit in August and it seemed to be receiving great comments since then. With the ride taking a modern update in its rebuild, they have added a great story to the attraction which starts from the moment you enter the indoor queue lines and throughout the ride. Several different effects are used in the ride with a serious number of great animatronics now used compared to the old ones. Whilst the majority of the attraction was lost in the fire, including props and models, they only managed to save a handful of the old animatronics and found a place for these within the ride. If you look carefully during your experience, you will find the remaining models on the “survivor” boat!

One of the best changes about the ride has to be taken from a scene very similar to Efteling’s water coaster, De Vliegende Hollander. With the room going extremely dark with just a lantern at the front of the boat with smoke filling the area. Each room you go into during your voyage is themed to a different part of the story, which they have tried to push more so in the recreation of the ride. Overall, the experience is incredible and fits a high standard in the dark ride selection you can experience within Europe & Europa Park.

A great part to the ride which a handful of guests will experience during the day is towards the end. Taking you into the new restraunt, different themed shows featuring different acts perform a show to the audience mainly for the restraunt guests. However, if you time this well you can also view this momentarily on the ride!

We were fortunate enough to take a look behind back stage with the Europa Park team during our visit which showed us how it all operated whilst seeing it from some unique views. 

Rulantica also had a summer event going on for 6 weeks on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm. This being a summer vibe chill party in the outside pool area, which included some music and cocktails. This adds another unique experience during your time at Rulantica, with a DJ performing until the end of the night at 10pm, with a few lights. Overall, the atmosphere on top of the usual Rulantica really just makes it a perfect place to visit and one of the top experiences you can currently do, especially given the current time & circumstances.

With everything mentioned above alongside the rest of Rulantica & Europa Park as a whole, it just continues to show whilst this is a place to visit. The experiences you can have at both of of these places is continually being updated, with new attractions, events and experiences for all being offered depending on the time of year you go. Whilst we have to be mindful of Covid, Europa Park & Rulantica have done everything they could to make sure you feel safe and still get that magical experience and getaway you want when visiting. This is truly incredible to capture and put on giving everything they have going on. 

Overall, we had a brilliant summer visit with queues being minimal, new experiences to enjoy and a new attraction which fits in seamlessly to the rest of the park. We would love to take a moment to thank the Europa Park team for allowing us to see behind the scenes of Pirates in Batavia and must mention this does not reflect or alter our views of the above review. 

To book a visit to Europa Park, Rulantica or an overnight stay in the hotel, follow the links below under the photos! Let us know over on socials what you think of the new attraction!

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