Waterworld New Waterslides Review 2019

We were kindly invited by Waterworld to visit and experience the brand new slide expansion along with the rest of the waterpark. Waterworld is located in Stoke-on-Trent and opened in 1989, so what better time than on their 30th anniversary to have this huge addition. Tornado Alley is the name of the new expansion, with the slide names themed around this; Cyclone, Hurricane, Thunderbolt & Storm Chaser. The park now features 11 large slide attractions, plus other water features & children’s slides, making it one of the biggest and best waterparks in the UK!

We’ve been visiting Waterworld for many years, so when the new waterslides were announced we were very excited. We’ve been following the construction of these slides, and figured out they would be manufactured by Polin Waterparks, due to the concept image design features and mention of them being shipped over from Turkey (the home of Polin). The construction & opening of the slides were sadly delayed with them initially set to open before the summer holidays, but as with a project on such a big scale, delays can arise. The slides themselves have been completed and ready for some time now, but it’s the surrounding extension to the building (that is intended to be fully enclosed) that has caused the further delay. Waterworld announced they couldn’t keep people waiting any longer, so as soon as the roof was installed, 2 of the slides were opened to the public on 21st August, and the remaining 2 on the 23rd. The side panels for the building are still a work in progress, but the area is temporarily covered and the slides are fully functional!

Thunderbolt is what we believe to be the headline attraction of the expansion & the park. This body waterslide is the first of its kind in the UK due to the impressive drop capsule feature. Once it’s your turn, you step inside the capsule and the door is locked, the staff check you’re okay and then there’s no turning back. Arms and legs (and fingers) crossed, the countdown begins and the tension builds, before plunging down one of the fastest waterslides in the UK. The tube is a translucent blue so it’s naturally lit up. Having experienced these trap door slides abroad, it’s amazing to have one in the UK, such a unique experience!

Storm Chaser is the most tame of the 4 slides, and definitely more geared towards families. Either on a single (1 adult) or double(1 adult & 1 child) inflatable ring, you meander down the twists and turns, with a mixture of dark and rainbow light ring sections on the way down, making for a fun visual experience. Hurricane is a narrow tube body slide which picks up a fair bit of speed with several direction changes, this slide is also in the dark with sections of natural light in the form of rainbow coloured rings, but is more of a blur due to the speed!

Cyclone is the inflatable ring waterslide starting from the highest point at Waterworld, it includes a unique combination of features for the UK. The ride can be experienced on either a single (1 adult) or double ring (1 adult & 1 child), and features a mixture of light and dark sections. The first big feature part way down is a large enclosed tunnel which you enter sideways at one end then rock back and forth before continuing the slide (you may even turn backwards like we did!). The final big feature of this slide is the ‘bowl’ which you go round and round before ending up in the middle and down a short tube to finish the slide, lots of fun.

The rest of the waterpark is still tonnes of fun with lots to do. The main tower in the centre features 3 family slides named Super FlumePython & Black Hole, as well as 2 thrilling slides which are among our favourites, Twister & Space Bowl. The other 2 slides are The Nucleus which is a water coaster that blasts you uphill plus several drops & turns, and the Racing Slides is a 4 lane family slide which you can race down the short wavy course side by side! In addition to the slides, there’s a (not so) lazy river, wave pool, water assault course, plus no less than 5 smaller slides for kids with various water features.

We’d like to thank Waterworld for inviting us to the media evening allowing us permission to film & photograph the attractions. We cannot wait to return again this year, and even more times in the future!

Please check their website for information about the waterpark, which include opening times, height/weight restrictions and ticket options.

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