Portaventura Winter Review 2019

PortAventura World is a theme park and resort located in Salou, Spain. This theme park is also open during the festive period on selected dates offering a slightly alterted lineup to the regular season, due to the resort being a popular summer destination. For our first visit to the theme park during the winter season, we experienced the Christmas offerings over a weekend break!

Getting to the Spanish Theme Park is normally quite easy during the summer season but does come with a little more difficulty during the winter season. We flew from Gatwick with cheap flights found online earlier in the year to Barcelona. Alternative flights to Reus makes your journey easier but due to the time of year, the airport is less popular and less flights heading that way. We used a car hire to get to our destination and split between 4 people, car hire, toll roads and fuel cost £40 each. Using a taxi or purchasing tickets and coach journeys through the PortAventura website is also another option but for ease for our journey, we recommend car hire!

During our stay at PortAventura, we stayed on site in the hotel Gold River. Other on site hotels are available such as the recently opened new hotel Colorado Creek. Theme park tickets, breakfast, 1 day Ferrari Land entry are all included when staying on site and for £100 per person, this was a great package. Bought directly through the PortAventura website using a Christmas deal which they offer multiple of throughout the year.

The PortAventura Hotels all include different experiences and during our stay, we managed to visit two of the hotels. In Gold River, we experienced a more younger targeted show in the Saloon bar with a festive Woody and dance partner came out and danced to a few songs. He also offered out sweets and came to take a few pictures before & after his performance too. This bar area included some hotdog and crisp snacks and a large drink offering at reasonable prices. The other hotel we experienced was the new Colorado Creek resort. The reception area also had a more cosy, warm and relaxing feeling compared to the other bar. With sofa’s and a more quiet atmosphere, this was a great place to get away from the younger audience and enjoy a few drinks in a very nice styled hotel.

PortAventura’s Christmas event has more than just the normal parks offerings. The park is decorated throughout with Christmas trees, snowmen & snowladies, lights and much more. This is a great to see that everywhere you look in the park, you cannot miss it’s Christmas and adds that extra touch to the event.

Christmas at PortAventura runs from November 23rd 2019 through to January 6th 2020, with ticket prices for an adult ranging at €57 however, discounts can be found online in multiple different offers and packages. During this time, they run additional festive shows, parades and an end of the day firework display!

The ride offering at PortAventura covers from the thrill seekers to the family market. The most thrilling ride arguably at the park is Shambhala, the 256 ft high B&M coaster reaching speeds of over 80 mph. With this once being the tallest coaster in the resort, it was beaten by Red Force in Ferrari Land also within PortAventura World a few years later.

Red Force is in Ferrari Land which is also a part of the PortAventura World offering. Situating itself as the tallest and fatest coaster in Europe, the two titled coaster created by Intamin will take some beating.

The newest attraction for 2019 is Sesame Street Street Mission, a brand new trackless dark ride which Detective Grovner recruits you to find out who stole the world’s largest cookie during the parade. With an impressive interactive queue line and effects during the ride itself, Street Mission is hugely popular for all audiences. The ride is situated in the Sesame Street themed area of the park which includes multiple other rides mainly targetted towards the younger audience as well as shows and food offerings.

PortAventura World offer a wide range and huge offering of shows during Christmas and the regular season. Advertising 17 different experiences during Christmas however, is more than impressive. Experiences to meet Chilly Willy the penguin or Abby, Big Bird or the Cookie Monster, you can really get to experience some unique characters during your stay and time within PortAventura.

Festive shows such as Gran Fiesta De Navidad, Cuento De Navidad & Magic Christmas show different styles of shows from Ice skating to dancing to singing. Other family friendly shows can be found in Sesame Street and multiple other areas of the park.

PortAventura ends the day in style with a Christmas parade and a firework lake show back to back. The parade takes place around 20-30 minutes before park closing towards the entrance of the park. It takes a route allowing a large amount of guests can see and ends right at the start where the celebrations continue. You get to see the characters such as your favourites from Sesame Street, Chilly Willy and even Father Christmas himself!

Shortly after the show has ended, the end of the day show begins on the lake begins. This includes water jets, projection mapping, boat displays, fire, fireworks, music and stunts throughout the display. With so much happening, the park goes fully out with the end of the day entertainment, leaving us in awe shortly after it finished.

Overall, PortAventura World has a stunning & festive park during the Christmas holidays. The park showcases great themeing throughout during this time with the park displaying more Christmas themeing, offering more shows aimed at Christmas in different formats and with limited ride closures where possible, you still get a great experience in thrills! Accompanied by a good package by the hotel, you can make your stay even more festive and longer, all for good value. We recommend you visit PortAventura during the Christmas 2020 event or during the regular season and let us know your thoughts on the parks atmosphere and thrill surprises it has to give!

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