Save King's Landing by Puzzle Punks Review

Puzzlepunks is an online branch of a physical escape room company based in Croatia who have currently adapted their business to operate on a virtual basis across the world. Please note the game is based on the English language, and the hosts can also speak English. There are two virtual escape rooms to choose from, both with a detailed storyline and high level of themeing. We experienced Save King’s Landing: A Quest For Wildfire!

“This game is a thrilling story inspired by Game of Thrones that takes place inside an alchemy lab, in the dungeons of King’s Landing! Solve the puzzles in time and find the wildfire potion! Be a hero, save the kingdom!”

“Baratheon’s fleet is attacking King’s Landing. He gathered the biggest fleet ever seen, and we dont have enough canons or men to defeat them.

The only chance to save the city is to destroy the fleet using the wildfire brewed by Grand Meister Hallyne, the pyromancer, but the damn old man hid himself somewhere in the dungeon. A frightened old fart!”

“Tyrion, the King’s Hand, gave you a magic potion that, after you drank it, gave you the ability to telephatically control Sir Dontos, the city’s fool, around the alchemy lab in order to locate the wildfire! 

Do it in time and save the Kingdom!”

The game is played virtually via Zoom with up to 6 devices allowed in a game, so you can play with family and friends anywhere, perfect with social distancing and other restrictions. A link to the Zoom call and an instructions page is sent around half hour before the start time to ensure everyone has joined the call and has a clear understanding of how the game works and the end goal. This also introduces you to some really unique and handy features which make this (physical) escape room game work flawlessly virtually with the host playing physically for you.

The 360 room view and inventory aid the virtual game and solve any issues that you may face not physically being there. The room view allows you to move around a 360 image of the escape room to help get your bearings (so don’t check this before you start). The room view includes interactive buttons for key points of interest; clicking on these buttons show up close the details and items that may be useful to solve the puzzles. The inventory needs to be updated by a nominated person and when items are found within the game they will have a 4 digit code which needs to be inputted into the inventory and everyone else needs to refresh, and the list of items found will be on there for closer inspection.

As you are not there physically, it can be difficult to work out exactly where you are in the room or where to look next, so the 360 view feature resolves this perfectly for virtual use. It can also be hard to have the camera constantly focusing on one part and the quality may not be sufficient to see every fine detail, so the virtual inventory is there on demand to view! We recommend having a larger device like a laptop for the Zoom call to see the live POV feed from the game host, and use an additional device like a mobile phone to view the 360 room and inventory. You can split the windows on your larger screen and have it all in one place. Whatever is most suitable for you, just ensure you can see everything large enough.

The game itself featured a detailed storyline and themeing to match. We had 60 minutes to work our way through the escape room puzzles to find a potion. As it is loosely based on Game of Thrones there are a lot of nods to the TV series so is great for fans, but equally can be enjoyed as a stand-alone storyline for people who’ve never watched it before. There is a large variety of puzzles throughout including keys, padlocks and even liquids – this allows the whole team to use their strengths! The game starts of fairly non-linear with many individual things to find and solve before coming together to complete the second half of the room in order. Highlights from the room for us would have to be the chess board, and the egg-cellent finale.

Overall we really enjoyed this experience, the live host/avatar was friendly and helpful getting us through the game, and the virtual game play worked flawlessly for us. We managed to escape with about 15 minutes to spare which we think was really impressive, considering the volume and variety of puzzles to solve. Playing a virtual game with the same point of view means each person gets to experience the whole game, rather than playing physically where you split off and end up missing parts of it that others have solved. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the game.

We would like to thanks PuzzlePunks for providing us with this experience to review, and we can definitely recommend this as a fun group game!

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