The Grid Review 2020

This February, the team at The Lollipop Project invited us to one of their new experiences known as The Grid.
Where cocktails meet an escape room styled experience.

The Lollipop Project host a range of unique & alternative experiences in London amongst other places. Popular experiences such as The Bletchley and ABQ are creatted by them which also include cocktails in a quirky and fun manner.

With us visiting The Bletchley previously, we were super excitied to try this new experience they had to offer where an escape room experience is infused with drinks along your way.

The Grid is compared to the real life Black Mirror. You enter into the offices of Neosight, an evil startup to defeat AI technology which is gathering data to destroy the human race. Posing as a volunteer for research purposes, you face multiple rooms and tests during your time at Neosight. Fighting for a bigger cause, make sure you keep it a secret and dont tell anyone your undercover as you cant trust noone!

The Grid starts immediately as you walk through the door into Neosight. With a quick breifing, toilet pitstop, removing any items you don’t wish to take during the experiment and confirming a drink choice (important at the end), you begin!

Entering into a research room with the AI system, you take part in some rather odd experiments which question your own judgement on reality. Whilst having your first drink, things go from strange to bad as you learn about the secrets of Neosight and how you need to leave!

Entering through multiple rooms and understanding the story further, the deeper you entered into Neosight, the more intense it got. Using escape room puzzles with a story happening around you was pretty immersive.

The experience was super enjoyable! From the moment you enterted to the moment you left, the experience was not broken and the storyline was crystal clear. Entering in groups up to 8, this does mean you have to share your experience more often than not however, accompanied with a few drinks helps make some new friends as you escape.

Lasting around 75 minutes on average, there was comedy, cocktails, characters and much more, which kept you immersered during your time at The Grid.

Without ruining the experience, the best features has to be the use of the AI being incoperated into the storyline and how you are guided through the experience. We were left in awe with each part of the experience being unexpected of what was next to happen in the storyline you became a part of!

Overall, The Grid combined our love of escape rooms and mixed this with alcohol, comedy and a gripping storyline. With no experience being similar to this that we have experienced in London or elsewhere in the UK, we believe The Grid by Lollipop Project ticks another huge box with uniqueness with yet another experience.

Whilst we want to share the whole experience with you alongside our images, we don’t want to ruin it all for you! Tickets are £30 per person which includes 2 alcoholic (or non alcoholic if you prefer) drinks with the 75 minute experience. With a range of opening times and slots, we recommend you head over to the official website and book an appointment at Neosight!

We would like to thank the Lollipop Project team alongside The Grid for inviting us to review the experience and cannot wait to see what they have to offer in the future!

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