Tivoli friheden denmark review 2019

Tivoli Friheden is an amusement park located within Aarthus in Denmark. The park first opened back in 1903 and has been a popular destination within the Danish culture. The park within recent years has become more well known with it hosting 4 rollercoasters, multiple other rides and attractions along with music events throughout it’s season. We took a visit to see what Tivoli Friheden had to offer during our visit to Denmark…

Tivoli Friheden features one of the most unique attractions within Europe. Sky Tower is the ultimate thrilling experience where guests can be taken 40 meters above ground and be dropped 30 meters into a net below. Reaching speeds of almost 70mph and the height of the tower being 50 meters, it’s a long way to fall.

The experience starts with getting geared up at the bottom with all the safety features you need for your fall. Shortly after, you are taken into an elevator which takes you up to the dropping platform. This is also a viewing platform for guests who wish to come up but not take the fearful drop below. A guide then attaches you to some safety lines as they place you into the middle of the tower before shortly removing the ropes as you freely fall 30 meters into the net below.

We found this to be a memorable thrilling experience which won’t be forgotten too quickly. The feeling of falling was heart racing from the moment it began until long after the experience ended. The only way to describe the sensition is the dream of falling and then waking up however, this is actually happening and you are falling without any ropes or safety features other than what is required.

The park features two smaller roller coasters and two larger coasters. The first of the smaller coasters is the latest roller coaster at the park known as Bisvaermen. This translate from Danish to “Bee Swarm” and as the ride is a compact spinning coaster, the ride name plays on the words since bees spin around the hive when swarming.

The other coaster being Dragen which is a classic pinfari kids coaster which many other UK smaller parks have. This opened back in 2001 for the park and the ride named is translated to Dragon.

These were some generic coasters for the park and can be found in most other parks within Europe. They were a great addition however to the family based theme park and are sure loved by the Danish community they aim to please!

The other two larger thrilling roller coasters at the park are Cobra. Cobra is made by Sartori Rides and has been operating since 2008. Situated within a half glass building, Cobra is a rough inverted coaster for the more thrilling audience that visit the park. The ride is quite rough however, it is an enjoyable thrill seeking ride that the family can enjoy at Tivoli Friheden.

Tyfonen is a Zamperla wild mouse coaster which is even older than Cobra. Starting to operate back in 2006, this is a classic wild mouse spinning coaster with a classic design. The ride seems to be operating perfectly during our visit with the ending of the ride seeming automatic compared to other versions which require additional staff to release the restraints or spin the car back the right way.

Both of these coasters really add to the amusement park and to the family thrill market. As much as they are not the most thrilling coasters you can find in Denmark, Tivoli Friheden cater for the family audience with all of their attractions.


Some of our favourite features of the amusement park which had some top thrills in was from the non-coaster attractions. The park features a 5D haunted house attraction where you get on board a ride vehicle, pick up a gun and 3D glasses and go around the attraction shooting zombies. The zombies appear in sections of the ride where it stops infront of a screen. The ride goes through a haunted house kind of style between sections of the game which really interlink from the game and a classic ghost train styled ride. The themeing inside was pretty creepy with some of the animatronics coming right up and close to us. This unique type ghost train was pretty scary and overall a hidden gem within the park where not expected.

Hjertekig is a drop tower situated in the park. Taller than the Sky Drop attraction, this is a new thrill ride which takes you to the top whilst spinning around so you can see the sights of the park and surrounding areas before plummeting back down to the ground.

The ride also features a setting where the ride can come down without dropping for a much less thrilling experience. This allows guests who may be scared of the dropping feature to go up and sightsee before coming back down in a calmer way.


Overall, Tivoli Friheden is a unique park within Denmark with some great thrilling rides, even if they are not in coaster form. Standout attractions like Sky Drop are so unique that this alone is worth coming to the park for. With around 40 rides and attractions to keep you busy, from 5D attractions to a slow gentle boat ride in the river, there is plenty to keep the family busy here at the park. With the additions of minigolf, live music entertainment and much more, the park offers such a range of entertainment where you would struggle to find elsewhere within Denmark.

We would love to thank Tivoli Friheden for inviting us to their lovely park so we can experience all the thrilling attractions they had to offer!

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