Agent November Virtual X-Caper Review

Whilst the UK is still on a strict lockdown, Agent November which is an escape room company based in London joins the virtual field with their first virtual game. 

“In the heart of London lies a dark secret. Agent November invites you to leave your old identity behind and step into an escape game like no other. You have 60 minutes to complete your mission, will you prevail? Investigate the criminal mastermind known only as “Marty Orri” and Walk the line between immersive theatre and espionage!”


Agent November is an escape room company based in London which hosts 3 escape games that can be played in numerous places within the city. Agent November being the main character, the story plays out through the missions with you joining the agency to help defeat Marty Orri. 

The other missions normally open, these are based on other characters in the Sherlock styled story. Murder Mr E, Major X Ploe-Shun & Robyn Yew all interlock with the main storyline of stopping Marty Orri and helping Agent November. 

Virtual X-Caper introduces you to the story and the games that can then be played in London. This is such a clever idea by the team of Agent November to allow you to be introduced to the story before later taking part in one of physical escape games. Alternatively, returning agents can see how it all started. 

Virtual X-Caper is a virtual play at home game. All that is required to play this game is a smartphone or computer with internet along with the Zoom application. 

Games cost £12 per person with teams up to 6 people. Teams smaller than 6 will be teamed up with other agents unless you book the slot out at a slightly reduced rate of £66. NHS workers also receive discounted tickets at £9.

This is a LIVE video escape game meaning, you will be watching through zoom via a live video feed instead of physically attending. Agent November has the latest cybernetic implants allowing you to hear & see what he does. With your help, you are required to help him escape the headquarters of Marty Orri’s and reach freedom in this mission. 

Virtual X-Caper starts once you and your group are all ready on Zoom. You are given a quick brief of what is about to happen, how to play, the story and your mission. Once live, you have 60 minutes to help Agent November escape otherwise the cybernetic implants will disconnect and you’ll never know if he manages to escape safely…

The game has so many clever visual effects. Playing in first person, we wasn’t sure how and if this would work however, we can happily say that it could not be faulted. With Agent November able to talk to you, assist with the escape and offer hints throughout, it was like he was a part of your team on this mission, instead of just guiding a random person. 

Agent November uses a large range of puzzles from search & find, cryptic word & number to online research. You do need an external device (or the same one you are on to solve a few of the puzzles). These are embedded perfectly within the game, so seamlessly that it does not break the flow or story. 


Agent November was also comedy genius! Using a large amount of humour throughout the hour escape in many different ways to keep you entertained whilst you try and help him escape. Again, this is done seamlessly without breaking character or story. 

Throughout the game, they have a silly side quest which is completely relevant at this time of quarantine. Whilst you are trying to escape, you are trying to find 5 hidden toilet rolls throughout the game. Some are obvious, some are not. We thought this was hilarious and was a great idea as a side quest whilst trying to solve puzzles to move forward. 

Virtual X-caper overall was a true masterpiece for a virtual escape room. From all the puns to the comedy, the range of the puzzles to the heavy storyline used throughout, whilst not forgetting the visual effects and excellently thought of side quest. Whilst we had no idea what to expect from an escape room through just a video feed, this definitely sets a high bar not only just in the virtual field of entertainment but, in escape rooms in general. 

We managed to escape with 57 seconds to spare and collected 4/5 loo rolls along the way! 

Virtual X-caper is pretty brand new by Agent November with it only launching a handful of days ago. We would highly recommend you check this game out and play it before lockdown ends. It is a perfect family game which can be played in one or several households. Even if you are an alone agent, you can join another team or two in the open booking slots. 

We would like to say thank you to the Agent November team for allowing us to come and review Virtual X-caper and we look forward to checking them out next time we are allowed to be in London! 


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