Broadwitch Hauntfest Review 2019

Broadwitch Hauntfest is the place to scream this Halloween as they open for another year of scares throughout October. Located in Kent and hosted within a year round working farm, Broadwitch Hauntfest transforms during the October month to host the annual event for 13 terrifying nights in 2019. Compared to other Halloween events, Broadwitch Hauntfest is on the smaller scale of size for the event but this allows a more personalised experience and multiple nights selling out meaning it’s ever popularity status has not dropped. 

For 2019, we see 5 returning mazes and a couple of changes compared to previous years for ticket options. Giving you the option to purchase entry for as little as £5, this allows you entry into the event space to experience the street entertainment but none of the haunts. The 5 mazes in this years lineup are; Spooky Castle, Biometrix, The Edge, Thirteen Freaks and Massacre.

For our first ever visit to the event, we had no idea what to expect during a sold out evening. The street entertainment was the first noted part of the event and as security checked your items, the roaming actors were already mocking you and keeping you entertained. As you ventured in, the event had so many more actors walking about and entertaining guests in the space. With a range of characters such as clowns, Beetle Juice characters & creepy twins, you were not safe at any point. With the event space being on the smaller side, this allowed great interaction and multiple encounters with the street entertainment team. With them dancing to the music played and them causing chaos throughout the queue lines, there was not a dull moment during our evening. 

The Edge

The Edge takes you to the very brink of terror and plunges you into a place of eternal damnation. You must confess to the nuns and walk the catacombs resident to the vampiric occupants to seek an escape within ancident, decaying walls filled with the undead. The scares were decent within the attraction with some really creepy characters spread throughout however, with the main middle segment of the maze being empty with no actors, this left us a little dissapointed and without scares for a large portion of the maze. With this said, the themeing inside had some impressive sets with our favourite being the church scene which was very spooky. The actors when found gave a creepy performance as you tried to escape them and whilst being scary, they helped deliver more of the story as you made your way around. Overall, the maze has a surprising length with it’s location and being held within shipping containers. With this having potential to deliver bigger scares, this is a good starting attraction and a more tame experience for visitors. 

Scare: 5/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 5/10 – Actors: 6/10

Overall: 16/30


MassAcre is an intense and disturbing corn maze where carnage awaits you within the fields of the farm. A reclusive family who live on the remote farm have withdrawn themselves from society and reverted to living like savages. Praying on the random strangers who step on the land, you meet the family who own the farm as they crave your flesh leaving you to follow the twists and turns in the darkness to find an escape. The scares within MassAcre were much more intense than thought. The actors used the space well within a mixture of dark claustrophobic tunnels and wide open sections to create terror and chaos for the groups that walked through. The further you go into the maze, the more of the family you got to meet and as the tension began when meeting the first family members, it then became scarier and creepier. With some comedy elements thrown in and with a great mixture of pure terrifying scares in the dark, the attraction was a pretty cool idea that worked well with it’s space and effects. Overall, this attraction had a little bit of dead space and nothing hugely impressive in terms of sets however, with the amount of actors and the length being one of the largest, we believe the event have done well to make this a fun but scary attraction within the corn. 

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 6/10 – Actors: 7/10

Overall: 19/30

Spooky Castle

Spooky Castle has a in depth and spooky story about a daughter which disappears from her family within the castle before a murderous rampage causes the guests within to die. Taking you back to the year 1924, during World War 2 raging around them, two teenagers gain access to the castle and decided to play with the ouija board in the attic which brings the scary tale back alive! We found Spooky Castle very spooky and this is with the level of creepiness between the rooms and the actors within. Although the scares were not terrifying, there was still a number of jump scares and the actors made the maze much better with them creepily staring at you from far away or coming out of nowhere. As you follow a dimly lit maze throughout, the story does play out around you and the immersion of being in a castle does help with the type of themeing found. Being taken from a castle atmosphere and then towards the end entering into a bunker, the set pieces were incredible and even more so towards the end. Overall, we like this concept of being in the castle and the elborate storyline is quite impressive compared to other attractions within the UK. 

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 8/10

Overall: 21/30

Thirteen Freaks

Thirteen Freaks is a circus themed attraction based on sideshow freaks who have been rejected and alienated by society. They have decided to form their own weird and twisted community in a dark network of tunnels and your curiosity has got to the better of you to explore these menacing monsters as they entertain you with the deadliest show on earth. The scares were incredible within the attraction. Jump scares were around every single corner and even if you thought it was about to come, you would still fall for it. Using different techniques in each room, the scares didn’t become repetitive or boring which was perfect for a circus freak styled attraction. The themeing changed in each room with some rooms being dark and strobe filled whilst others were brightly lit with UV splatters and artwork. The actors were the most impressive part of the maze with them really going for the scares out of each person. Overall, this attraction gives a unique spin on a circus freak show style theme and it was more than impressive to see how each actor used the space well to create a solid terrifying maze. 

Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 9/10

Overall: 25/30


Biometrix is based on a research facility that makes advancements into human gene technology and make soldiers the ultimate fighting machines. With this going wrong, they were made frozen until a solution could be found and now is the time where the facility has reopened so testing could be undertaken to find a cure. Instead of a cure, a deadly flesh eating virus takes control and threatens to wipe out the human race. The scares within Biometrix is something you rarely see within horror attractions anymore. The only maze which allows actors to touch you during the event and they take this opportunity to the max. Within the first room, you were pinned to the wall, surrounded by more actors than your group size and taken apart of anyone you was holding onto. With the impressive opening, the maze continued to have some impressive terrifying scares throughout with multple effects being used. We couldn’t fault the themeing within the attraction which matched a facility as you went through and the storyline worked also. The actors were once again the true highlight of Biometrix with every single actor not being afraid to get stuck in to every single guest that walked by. Overall, you will struggle to find another maze which will shock the general public than this and is a hidden gem for UK for scare mazes. 

Scare: 10/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 – Actors: 10/10

Overall: 30/30

Overall, we enjoyed our first ever experience of Broadwitch Hauntfest and have left ourselves wondering why we haven’t visited before! The event has a great atmosphere which is down to the positive staff members walking around and offering assistance where need be along with the roaming characters which keep the scary side of things sorted. The event has some great unique and immersive attractions found within it’s grounds and unlike other events, they batch in small personal groups. If you don’t fancy waiting in the queues, even on a sold out night the fastrack line was empty and we would recommend the upgrade during your visit. With Biometrix being a hidden gem and the remaining 4 attractions being excellent also, we really believe Broadwitch Hauntfest are onto a winner with the event which is already super successful with the customers who attend. 

We would like to say thank you to the Broadwitch Hauntfest team for inviting us to come experience the event and allow us to take some exclusive images within the attractions during our night. With this being a solid event, we can’t wait to experience this in 2020 and future years to experience this all over again!


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