Casino Mortale Virtual escape room review

Sky High Escape Room presents Casino Mortale, a unique escape room which goes virtual during the current global pandemic…

Sky High Escape Room is an escape room organisation based in Almere, 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam. Usually a physical escape room, Sky High have adapted the business with the current times and have changed their escape game Casino Mortale to a virtual experience to be enjoyed worldwide. Whilst Casino Mortale is an escape room, its experience starts before the game and also incorperates elements to make it more of a cinematic experience! 

Casino Mortale Review

“Welcome to the Casino Mortale! Casino Mortale is no ordinary Live Video escape room, but an exciting cinematic experience.

Soft jazz, secret whispering, the smell of gin-tonics and bad intentions: in the secret office of the Casino Mortale the battle is no longer limited to roulette, blackjack and poker.

You are being dragged into a dangerous live video game full of intrigue, love, crime and murder. The stakes are high, but the potential reward is higher; but you have to beat the competition.

Casino Mortale starts the experience around 24 hours prior to the experience. Unlike other escape games, this is a great way to get hyped for the experience! We won’t say too much however, a trail of begin the story of Casino Mortale with what a strong backstory and what you need to be doing during your experience. We can say this is very unique and is unlike any other experience intro we have seen. It really implements the cinematic experience they talk about for the game. 

When the experience begins via zoom, the game begins right at the start of the action. You enter into the Casino and begin your mission. We love this idea as it means there is no delays or rules that you need to go through as this is already dealt with previously. 

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Casino Mortale really takes you on a story with multiple characters which get involved in one way or another. Using the virtual element, they have integrated this well with the setup they have and this works effortlessly as a virtual cinematic experience. From live cameras, pre-recorded videos, live updates, lasers and so much more, the game experience has really been thought out. 

One element they have uniquely used is QR codes. These are on each of the clues you will find during your experience. Scanning these in allow you to have them on your phone or another device instead of having to ask the game host to physically show you each puzzle each time. A genius idea which saves time and helps the escape game move more seamlessly. 

The puzzles are a huge part of any escape room along with the layout of the room and how it all flows through. The game is non linear which is great as allows you to work on multiple parts at once. This with the QR clue setup, really allows the team to dig deep and work on multiple parts at once. 

As a physical escape room, some puzzles really had some great effects to them. Whilst we couldn’t enjoy them all in person, they came across equally as good virtually. All puzzles integrated with the story that constantly developed throughout the experiences as you work out more and more what is happening. You really do get to see some drama in the high intensity escape experience along with a hint of comedy, suspense & thrill.

Overall we couldn’t fault the Casino Mortale experience, the virtual gameplay worked flawlessly, and it really kept the whole team busy with so much to see & solve. Obviously this brilliant escape experience would have been even more exciting to play in person (especially something involving lasers), but due to the location abroad most of us would never be able to experience this escape room anyway. This virtual game is a fantastic opportunity to do so, and see the creativity and uniqueness of the puzzles they have to offer.

We would like to thank Sky High Escape Room in The Netherlands for providing us with this super enjoyable experience, for further information and how to book, please see their website. We would like to add that the full gameplay is available in English.

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