clueQuest Halloween Survival Training Review

clueQuest have launched a new episode in the Print Cut Escape saga, just in time for Halloween! This special edition is the survival escape training and is designed for new and existing agents to tackle vampires, monsters and other creatures that go bump in the night in how to manage the situation. 

“Around this time of the year we get numerous reports of Halloween horrors terrorizing neighbourhoods across the world. That’s why we have developed this emergency training course for all field agents – including you! By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll be well prepared to survive whatever Halloween might throw at you!”

For anybody who’s not played any Print Cut Escape games by clueQuest, where have you been?! Print Cut Escape is a paper based escape room with the use of an online system to create a play at home escape room experience. Play in black & white and print at home or if you fancy some colour and do not want to cut & preparing your own game, pay a little extra for the print & post service they offer. 

As a special edition, the Halloween survival escape training is here just in time for the Halloween festivities. Based on tacking and dealing with vampires and a whole host of Halloween horrors, we are introduced to multiple new puzzles and tasks in order for us to pass yet another test. 

The Halloween survival training follows a very similar template to the other Print Cute Escape games. You work your way through several different chapters which has a story behind each part and the puzzles relate to that theme. In this episode, each chapter was a different Halloween monster, such as vampires & zombies, and using their traits in figuring out how to solve the puzzles to pass the training. 

With the use of an online system, they can give a little more substance and story to each of the chapters and relevant puzzles, meaning not everything is as simple as it seems. We joined the SPIDERWEB facility and a scientist within the videos as they narrated each chapter. Whilst these are Spooktacular, it was upsetting to lose the drama and cartoon elements which we’ve seen previously in other Print Cute Escape games. Regardless of this, this is what makes clueQuest stands out from the rest of the paper based games with the unique online system and videos, to create this layer of immersion without being in a physical escape room.  

As mentioned, an online system is used to track your progress and to input your answers. It also has some parts to the puzzles such as voice recordings, which you need to solve certain puzzles. 

The paper puzzles are 2D in this particular game but this does not stop the originality and putting up a challenge when solving. What we did see is that some of the puzzles got much larger, creating a new challenge in itself and the use of sellotape is highly recommended (even by clueQuest). 

What we loved in this episode is the use of the different types of monsters and how their typical, well known traits is what is needed to solve some of the puzzles. With a mixture of difficulty found within, we did have to use a few hints when playing, but everything made complete sense and sometimes the simplest of solutions is all that is required. Don’t sink your teeth too deep is what we recommend! 

clueQuest Halloween Survival Training Review
clueQuest Halloween Survival Training Review
clueQuest Halloween Survival Training Review

With the new current tier 2 & tier 3 restrictions being implemented across the UK and other similar measures worldwide, this is a perfect time to grab your household to play this experience to get in the spooky mood, with limited options currently available. The best part about clueQuest and the Print Cut Escape series is that you can play online with the use of video or voice calling software, as you do not need to be in the same room to play! Therefore, a perfect lockdown experience given the current times the world is in at present.

Overall, the survival training for Halloween is an unexpected treat from clueQuest and is perfect for a wide range of agents, experienced or brand new. With the puzzles continuing to be completely unique and original to the average game, the Print Cut Escape series really is one of the closest feelings to an actual physical escape room, with the layers of immersion, detail of storyline and the cleverness of the puzzles involved. 


As always on our clueQuest missions, thank you to the clueQuest team for letting us experience their latest experience and creation and we cannot wait to play more missions in the future, with Mr Q and the rest of the team. To play this Halloween Survival Training mission or any of the missions in the Print Cut Escape saga, head to the clueQuest website to purchase your copy today! 

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