clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode 1 Review

clueQuest is back with yet another escape room experience but this time from the comfort from your own room. As our favourite escape room business, the team have created a unique experience known as Print Cut Escape that joins the rest of the escape room lineup! 

For those who havent read our previous reviews or do not know who clueQuest are, they are an escape room business located close to Kings Cross / St Pancras station in London. Themed to a spy organisation, you are introduced to your new boss Mr Q and take on a mission to defend the world from the evil plots of Professor Blacksheep.

Print Cut Escape is a play at home experience and has recently come about due to the Covid-19 situation and lockdown happening in the UK. Print Cut Escape is a paper based escape room experience where you are required to save the world once more from Professor Blacksheep but from the comfort of your home. 

The experience allows you to play with people in your household, through video calling or even alone. With only one person requiring to purchase the game, good value for money for a different experience this lockdown is a hundred percent achieved! 

The game can be purchased for £12 and requires you to then to follow the simple instructions before you begin playing. Don’t have a printer? clueQuest have you covered by offering to do this part for you and ensemble this in a premium package & post it for you to play for £25.

Using the paper based puzzles & a special made online portal, both combined start your adventure for Episode 1 – Stolen IQ! 

Agent Lisa Hammersmith has discovered Professor Blacksheep’s evil plan. For some time now, the despicable sheep has secretly been kidnapping top scientists, and forcing them to join his attempts at world domination. Agent Hammersmith has been captured, but in one final act of courage she was able to transfer her files to HQ before being taken prisoner. Your mission is to decode Agent Hammersmith’s secret messages, to find and free her. Together you can stop Professor Blacksheep in his tracks, and bring our top scientists home.”

Print Cut Escape requires you to work your way through the puzzles and enter codes found from these paper puzzles onto the web portal to continue forward. The web portal designed by clueQuest allows you to be more engaged in the story, progress forward, offer hints and of course, time how long it takes you to escape! Of course this is slightly different as you are in the comfort of your own home and you are not really escaping however, they have managed to create a perfect storyline to continue on with the theme. 

The puzzles were cleverly designed and created like the puzzles you would solve in their actual escape rooms. These require you to find, decode and put together the cut outs and paper puzzles to progress through the story whilst being timed. The game is separated into three chapters and all contain different puzzles of a range of difficulty and requiring all kinds of skills to work them out. We loved how each puzzle was designed and how subtle some of the answers were, whilst they were right in front of us from the start! 

Throughout our experience playing Print Cut Escape, we enjoyed every second of our adventure and it was great how the clueQuest team have crafted a masterpiece of escapism just from paper. The help of technology and the system used to play helps immerse you into the story, offer hints and progresses the game on into the different chapters. Overall, we managed to complete our mission but, it took us a total of over 90 minutes!  

For anybody looking to play this game, it is pretty easy to setup, play & enjoy. We downloaded the game which is sent in a PDF file, printed this out and cut out all the pieces as shown clearly on the document. We then played the game over Facebook video calling and completed this as a team of 2 in 2 different households. Recommended for 2-4 players to tackle this adventure, each player is required to print & cut and this means you can help eachother. We took images of completed puzzles to help the other person catch up when needed. 

The online portal is accessed through a link and unique code setup for you before playing. Once you press start to start the game, you can share this link with the rest of your team who can then also access this too. If one person gets the answer, you all move forward! Sometimes refreshing is required but it worked pretty seamlessly for us whilst we played. 

We enjoyed Stolen IQ which is episode one of this three part adventure! clueQuest are currently in the process of creating episode two & three which more information will be given shortly. We highly recommend you try out this adventure whilst you are in lockdown and even after! This is a perfect opportunity to get your puzzle brain in motion, have fun with your friends and take part in an escape room from your own home! 

We like to thank clueQuest for sending us over a copy to play and hopefully we can review episode two & three shortly upon release! #StayHomePlaySafe

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