clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode 2 Review

clueQuest launch episode 2 of their paper based escape game, Print Cut Escape. The next chapter named Alpha Brain System, takes the game into another dimension with the puzzles now going 3D! With this being one of the hardest missions yet, did we manage to solve the next set of puzzles?

For those who havent read our previous reviews or do not know who clueQuest are, they are an escape room business located close to Kings Cross / St Pancras station in London. Themed to a spy organisation, you are introduced to your new boss Mr Q and take on a mission to defend the world from the evil plots of Professor Blacksheep.

Print Cut Escape is a play at home experience and has recently come about due to the Covid-19 situation and lockdown happening in the UK. Print Cut Escape is a paper based escape room experience where you are required to save the world once more from Professor Blacksheep but from the comfort of your home. 

The experience allows you to play with people in your household, through video calling or even alone. With only one person requiring to purchase the game, good value for money for a different experience this lockdown is a hundred percent achieved! 

The game can be purchased for £12 per episode for a digital download & print at home copy. Otherwise for £25 per episode, they can send this to you via the post already prepared with some additional bonuses. With the launch of episode 2, you can now bundle them together which slightly reduces the cost, with both a digital & post option having a bundle option. 

With us completing episode 1 last month, we started to prepare for the next chapter on our mission. Episode 2 – Alpha Brain System.

Your mission begins where we left off at the end of Episode 1: Lisa Hammerschmidt – aka Agent Crimson – has been rescued from her prison in The Cube, and has briefed the agency on Professor BlackSheep’s evil plan. The Professor has been kidnapping the world’s top scientists and forcing them to build a system capable of hijacking humanity’s brain power, and turning the world’s citizens into sheep-like followers. Agent Crimson is moving into the heart of The Cube to locate this machine, known as Alpha Brain Systems, and free the kidnapped scientists. Some time ago we lost contact with her, and Agent Q and Lord Hammerschmidt are going in to find her. Your job is to direct them from Mission Control, to help them find Agent Crimson, and stop Professor BlackSheep in his tracks.

clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode
clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode
clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode

Alpha Brain System continues on from the previous story that was left in episode 1, Stolen IQ. The story develops even further in this chapter as clueQuest have made many more short videos to go along with each puzzle and section. Getting to see some of the main characters such as Mr Q & Professor Blacksheep alongside other new key characters, adds a new layer to the game which outshines the first episode. These videos were one of our favourite parts in this mission as they helped visualise the story instead of having to use your imagination when reading. 

Alongside the more in-depth videos and story line, the game enters a new dimension which is 3D! With the first episode being all 2D puzzles, they have made us agents work in a completely different way this time round. With puzzles that could now be built, this made the mission the most complicated yet with some genius puzzles and ideas being created in this way. What we enjoyed is that these puzzles would only of worked in the 3D dimension and whilst many of them were on the harder side, many of them were really enjoyable to try and solve. 

With the same setup as Stolen IQ, you have to prepare the puzzles and the game before you officially start. With Episode 1 taking around around 30 minutes to prepare, Episode 2 took a little longer around 45 minutes. The reason it took slightly longer would be due to the slightly more unusual shapes to cut out for the puzzles and due to some parts requiring folding and bending to create the 3D element. Whilst we say this, clueQuest have designed these with ease in mind and these are very easy to understand with what to cut & what to fold. These simple instructions do help. 

Overall Episode 2 – Alpha Brain System was worth the wait and we loved how the game entered a new dimension and developed more on the story in a visual aspect. Whilst episode 1 was slightly easy, do not let you put this off with episode 2 as we struggled with a handful of puzzles throughout. Racking up a time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, we did not anticipate how long this was actually going to take us. We did enjoy our extended time playing however and as much as we were extremely slow, we used our brains and used only 1 clue which was a sense of achievement in its own. 

We’d like to thank clueQuest for sending us over a copy to play and we cannot wait to see how Episode 3 continues on! 


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