clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode 3 Review

clueQuest release the final episode in the trilogy with episode 3, otherwise called Humanity 2.0. Following the successful 2 episodes, we were keen to see how everything came together for episode 3.

For those who havent read our previous reviews or do not know who clueQuest are, they are an escape room business located close to Kings Cross / St Pancras station in London. Themed to a spy organisation, you are introduced to your new boss Mr Q and take on a mission to defend the world from the evil plots of Professor Blacksheep.

Print Cut Escape is a play at home experience and has recently come about due to the Covid-19 situation and lockdown happening in the UK. Print Cut Escape is a paper based escape room experience where you are required to save the world once more from Professor Blacksheep but from the comfort of your home. 

The experience allows you to play with people in your household, through video calling or even alone. With only one person requiring to purchase the game, good value for money for a different experience this lockdown is a hundred percent achieved! 

The game can be purchased for £12 per episode for a digital download & print at home copy. Otherwise for £25 per episode, they can send this to you via the post already prepared with some additional bonuses. With the launch of episode 3, you can now bundle them together which slightly reduces the cost, with both a digital & post option having a bundle option. This includes buying Episode 1 & 2, 2 or & 3 or the whole trilogy! 

As usual and what we’ve come to know and love with clueQuest, their escape room games at their HQ in London take place in the same ‘universe’, with storylines based around different missions of the key characters and the villains along the way. The PRINT+CUT+ESCAPE play at home trilogy is no different, and includes a detailed storyline to follow through the game with multiple chapters in each episode. We’ve completed (and reviewed) the first two episodes, and in this review we take on the final episode in this series which follows on from the previous games!

clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode
clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode
clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode

This third part of the series has evidently been perfected based on feedback from the previous two ‘episodes’. There is far less cutting out, and less complicated cuts at that, as well as easier puzzles to fold. Whilst this does take away from some of the impressiveness of previous 3D puzzles, it does make the setup and gameplay work a lot better. Preparation time for other episodes were as much as 40 minutes, this one took us around 10 to cut, fold and sort the paperwork ready to play.

We did come across a little speedbump in our game, which could have been down to tiredness, but one of the puzzles didn’t seem obvious to us, both on the paper, and within the online aspect which didn’t give the explicit answers or how to solve the puzzle. This episode has incorporated a bit more interactivity with the online side of it compared to previous episodes, which is great to see, but it threw us off a little as we didn’t realise what we had to do.

Overall we had a great time completing the mission in around 90 minutes! We love how the storyline has got more detailed as the trilogy has progressed, including animation and acting in videos; it’s been really nice following this through the episodes each with their own mini-plot that has linked onto the next. Having now completed all 3 PRINT+CUT+ESCAPE games we were ready for the classic ‘The End’ as part of the completion to our closure on the story, but it would seem it’s not over yet, and we’re excited to see what comes next in the future!

We’d like to thank clueQuest for providing us with a copy of the game, and hope our review and recommendations are helpful in your decisions to play!
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