Diamond Duel at Experimental Escape Review

Experimental Escape is Leamington Spa’s number 1 escape room venue. They have specialised in creating unique and one of a kind escape rooms for you to play only at this location. Providing memorable experiences for thousands of players, we were invited to go and experience 1 of the 2 rooms they had to offer! 

Experimental Escape is located right in the centre of the Leamington Spa town, and easily found using Google Maps. Hosted within their complex, they have two fantastic rooms which can be experienced, known as Diamond Duel & The Machine. 

Games for both the rooms have great availability and prices start from £24 per adult and reduces to £20 per person when more players book. 17 & under are priced at £18 per person. 

We experienced Diamond Duel during our visit to see how the number 1 escape room venue in Leamington Spa matched up to the rest of the experiences we have currently played!

Our game was ran and hosted by Charlie, who is the general manager at Experimental Escape. We were advised to put any items into a locker prior to playing and take a seat on some old style movie seats in front of a TV for our instructions and briefing. 

During covid times, we were advised to use hand sanitiser upon entry and additionally, to sign in using the NHS app. 

Diamond Duel has the following story; “You are working on behalf of one of feuding Twin brothers Walter and Winston. They have each been left a precious diamond by their late Father, but he has hidden them in the family estate. Your insider has managed to distract security for 60 minutes.

Can you assemble a team and steal the other brothers diamond?”

Diamond Duel had a great storyline to introduce the room and we were transported into an old family office room to begin our adventure. The room was well themed and everything looked in place. We struggled to begin within this room with the limited knowledge and resources to go on due to the cleverness of how the room was built. After a little nudge in the right direction, we did manage to start solving the puzzles and progressing through the room to steal the Diamond. 

The puzzles were certainly different and with Experimental Escape building these themselves, we did get to experience many unique puzzles which we haven’t seen before. 

One of our favourite puzzles within the room was a frequency puzzle, purely as we had not seen this done before and it was a challenge to solve. Even when solving the puzzle, it came with a great surprise in continuing on the experience, which again we had not seen before!

What makes the room even more unique is the element of a head to head option being available. They have a duplicate of this room so two teams could face against eachother to see who could steal the diamond the fastest. 

Overall, Diamond Duel is a fantastic game with a some really unique and interesting, never seen before puzzles. This incorporated with the possibility of duelling another team for the diamond, adds a great level of fun and intensity to the experience. With the ever increasing and expanding escape room world, it is great to see places still offering these fun, quirky puzzles which you won’t find elsewhere whilst not losing the quality of the experience and themeing. 

We managed to escape in just over 55 minutes, which at some points in the room was very close to not escaping. We would recommend the room to more of the experienced players however, if you are not then we would recommend a larger team to have the best shot in escaping. Regardless, we are sure you will enjoy your time here and maybe you can race with fellow friends and family!

Thank you to Charlie and Experimental Escape for hosting our game and allowing us to visit during these challenging times to show us Diamond Duel. Let us know on social media if you have experienced Diamond Duel, or how you found The Machine… 

Diamond Duel at Experimental Escape Review

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Diamond Duel at Experimental Escape Review

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