Escape 360 Wokingham The Prime Suspect Review

Escape 360 is an escape room business which is located in Wokingham, close to Reading in the South East of England. Escape 360 is a spin off from the original business of Advantage Events, which provide corperate team building and entertainment all across the UK.

“Escape 360 is based in the historical market town of Wokingham opposite Waitrose cafe. Offering members of the general public and corporate clients a fully – interactive and immersive team gaming experience. Players are ‘locked’ in a room and must use logic, teamwork and communication to complete an investigation and escape the room in 60 minutes. It will take problem solving, creativity, and resourcefulness to escape.”

The two rooms Escape 360 offer are The Prime Suspect & School of Magic. Below is more on The Prime Suspect room which is what we experienced in November…

“A cryptic letter was recently received but there’s been no ransom. It doesn’t make any sense! The police have been trying to crack the code and solve the mysterious disappearance but have been unsuccessful. Can you help?!! Our surveillance team has identified a prime suspect and a 60-minute window where he leaves his office, this is your chance to enter and search for clues to Charlottes disappearance. Time is of the essence so work quickly to find evidence against the Prime Suspect, discover Charlottes location and escape the office before he returns!”


Before we talk about the experience, the experience actually starts from the moment you book and pay for this Escape Room. A cryptic letter is required to be decoded before you turn up which is then later used in the room along with the skills required to crack this letter. This was a great little additional piece to the overall experience which we have not seen with other escape room places prior to this review. Don’t worry if you can’t solve it or just turn up and book the experience, they can help you out!

The room goes back to basics for escape rooms. This meaning keys, padlocks and safes. The only technology in the room was a computer and then the TV screen displaying your time remaining. Although rooms like this aren’t as popular, it was great to experience the first generation kind of styled escape experience compared to the tech heavy puzzles and rooms which are now much more common.

The puzzles required finding keys, codes and clues to open different parts. This was a multi-room escape room so we knew we had to get past the first room. In terms of difficuility of this room, it is on the upper end of the scale. With more than meets the eye in the room, there is a lot to look through and a lot you can miss! One of the last puzzles included to listening to a certain music track and decoding this into a numerical code, which was the hardest puzzle in the room by far!

Overall, the experience was old school & simple. Simple in a good way which makes it work without using technology and nothing is too complicated. It uses a range of puzzles which all the answers are given to you in some way with a few tricks to make you really think other than it being given to you. We would recommend this room for more the smarter audience or people who love the first generation styled games. Also the older audience would love this type of game with nothing too complicated with technology being involved.

We would love to thank the team at Escape 360 for inviting us to experience The Prime Suspect! We wish for you to check out Escape 360 if you are near the Wokingham / Reading area and if you are looking for some great team building corperate styled games, to hit up Advantage Events!


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