Europe's Best Coasters 2019 edition

Our team at Thrill Nation have travelled across Europe over the past 8 years to experience some of the best thrilling coasters found within Europe and beyond. Below you can find some of the best in Europe which are subjected to our opinion over the theme parks we’ve been to and covered in recent years!

Piraten -Djurs Sommerland

Piraten is located in Denmark in the theme park Djurs Sommerland and is known as a mega lite coaster created by Intamin. The ride only stands just higher than 30m but the speed and airtime all create an awesome experience overall. Piraten has no inversions and shows how rides do not require any loops or upside down moments to create that thrilling experience theme park guests are after!

Silverstar – Europa Park

Silverstar can be found in Germany’s Europa Park. A hyper coaster which includes no inversion and once again relies on the speed and height to power through to create that “woah” feeling as you speed around the track. With an F1 Motorsport theme, the coaster is a favourite at Europa Park and one of the best within Germany. Just short of 75m tall and speeds reaching up to 127 km/h, this is a must experience ride in Europe!

Taiga – Linnanmäki

Taiga is located in Finland at the amusement park Linnanmaki. A recently new coaster which opened in June 2019, Taiga can be considered as the best coaster in Europe. With 4 inversions, speeds over 100 km/h and featuring two launches, this Intamin LSM double launched coaster is the whole package of a thrill masterpiece!

Star Trek – Movie Park Germany

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is Movie Park Germany’s Mack thrill machine. The coaster is a favourite within Germany and for us too, featuring 3 launches, 3 inversions and some great themeing during your experience on the ride, Star Trek contains the whole package to be one of Europe’s best coasters!

Fenix – Toverland

Fenix is located in the Netherlands in the theme park called Toverland. Fenix was introduced along with a new themed area of the park known as Avalon, to headline as the new B&M wing coaster. Featuring airtime moments, 3 inversions and a stunning themed area, Fenix is a beautiful rollercoaster to be ridden in Europe!

Wodan – Europa Park

Wodan is a wooden coaster also located at Europa Park in Germany. Arguably one of the best wooden coasters in Europe, the ride was introduced in 2012 and uses twists & turns of the old styled coaster type with speeds of 100 km/h to exhilarate riders and 8 seasons on, it still competes as one of the best experiences at Europa Park, Germany & Europe!

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