Fairground Frights at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Review

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach brings some new entertainment to the seaside park with Fairground Frights taking over on selected nights on the run up to Halloween. As a brand new event, they opened for 4 nights from Wednesday 28th October through to Saturday 31st October 2020,  from 5pm to 8pm. As a separate event to the usual pleasure beach opening, tickets could be purchased for £17 each for unlimited rides, a live DJ, roaming actors amongst other spooky live entertainment in some of the attractions!

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach opened back in 1909 and has brought in crowds ever since. For 2020, they pushed forward with a new Halloween event known as Fairground Frights to give a different type of entertainment. Although they have ran previous Halloween events over the number of years they have been open, this would be the first time in recent years where they have gone all out. 

Fairground Frights was a perfect event for the pleasure beach. For value for money, opening 3 hours at a great rate, you had so much to do within the time you had at the park, which the entertainment alone was electric. They first had roaming characters which were the dead souls that roamed the pleasure beach, they were out in full force scaring, interacting and taking photos with everyone. From ringleaders to monsters to escaped convicts, there was such a range of fun but spooktacular characters. Alongside this, a live DJ was situated in the upper level of the fun house which was operating the park wide sound system with some funky house music, to give Fairground Frights a party atmosphere.

 Fairground Frights also added some small additions across the park. This included some themeing and decorating across the seaside park, even to the rides. The drop tower had a skull attached to the ride along some pyrotechnics at the bottom of the ride, making it super visually pleasing. The fun house and ghost train had some new residents moved in, making them live action and an experience you wouldn’t of had before…

Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel is the piers typical ghost train. After being renovated back in the winter season of 2019, it seems the Halloween 2020 season has brought the addition of new residents. This 2 seater experience takes you across 2 floors amongst many haunted rooms. Whilst this usually is a bit of fun, the addition of actors really add an extra few notches to the scares compared to normal. With them cleverly placed, a small team along with covid measures really had the opportunity to get some great scares! The actors used their space well even though it was limited and overall, it really brought this ghost train to life and made it a proper haunted hotel!

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 6/10 – Actors: 6/10

Overall: 18/30

Not So Fun Factory

Normally a fun factory, Fairground Frights has taken a dark spell over this attraction with the creation of the Not So Fun Factory. Taken residency is a cult of clowns who really are not fun if you encounter them. With them being able to move across multiple levels in this fun house, they were coming from absolutely everywhere!  Amongst the clown chaos, the attraction has seen the addition of red spot lights with lots of smoke. Combine this all together, you get a recipe of some serious scares. The only break you can get in this attraction is on the balcony of the fun factory, where the DJs are situated and you can see them perform and even say hi.

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 4/10 – Actors: 8/10

Overall: 18/30

There is just too many points to mention at Fairground Frights. If you thought you could get away from the actors and take a ride on the Pleasure Beach rollercoaster, you would be mistaken. From the queue line having a dead soul engineer roaming about, to other dead engineers rising from the basement on the ride, you would not expect the amount of unexpected scares for a coaster. The addition of smoke and lights to the station also made it look and feel even spookier! 

Overall, Fairground Frights at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach have gone above and beyond our expectations this Halloween. Especially taking covid into the picture this year, Fairground Frights felt like a normal Halloween event. The pier had pulled out all the stops and where some events get lazy, you could really not fault this event with all of the effort going into the 4 nights of scares. From the music and entertainment, to the actors and rides, the 3 hours made it one of our most enjoyable events of the Halloween 2020 season. A huge and unexpected surprise for sure. 

With confirmation of the event being brought back for 2021, we are super excited to see what more they can do to make this event stand out! We would love to say thank you to the team who invited us to experience this incredible event and we will be making sure to come back in 2021!

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