Fear Island IV Halloween Review 2020

Fantasy Island celebrates its 4th year of Fear Island with a 3 maze lineup, some Spooktacular shows and its usual ride & attraction offering. We ventured to Skegness to check out the event on its opening day. 

Fantasy Island turns into Fear Island for its 4th consecutive year despite the current pandemic. For 2020, we see the park offering a handful of new rides such as The Starflyer alongside our returning favourites like Ice Mountain. 2 mazes return from 2019 with a continued storyline plus a brand new for 2020 maze being offered.

Covid measures across the park includes specific entry and exit points into the park area, as well as the NHS track and trace being required upon entry. There is plenty of hand sanitiser around the park which you’re encouraged to use alongside the wearing of masks indoors, on selected attractions and mazes.

Fear Island wristbands include unlimited rides as well as 1 entry into the 3 mazes, with the Circus of Screams being a separate upcharge to the wristband. All other entertainment is included free with entry. Each attraction can be purchased separately if you so wish.

Fear Island has a small offering of shows for the 2020 event which includes the Circus of Screams, Ghoul School & Fear Island Mountain Show. Ghoul School & Fear Island Mountain Show are free shows which can be viewed within the pyramid, whilst Circus of Screams is £6 online or £7 on the day and is located within the circus tent. 

The Circus of Screams is a 45 minute circus performance with a spooky twist. Many freaky & funky acts take stage to perform short snippets within the circus big top tent. The acts include fire breathing, aerial acrobatics and our star of the show, a witch with her adorable dog causing chaos. 

Inside the pyramid was Ghoul School, which is a live interactive show aimed at children to help become the scariest ghouls in town. The Fear Island Mountain Show returns for a short spectacle featuring projection mapping, pyrotechnics and an accompanying soundtrack. 

The House of Voodoo: CURSED

“Voodoo Priestess Delphine La Laurie has invoked an ancient curse across the mist-clad bayou bringing the lands of the living and the dead dangerously close together. A deathly glow now pervades the walkways and rivers inside The House of Voodoo – Cursed, will you escape or be lost for eternity in a never-ending nightmare?”

The House of Voodoo returned for its second year after its debut in 2019 but with a continued storyline. This year due to covid, the hooded element has been removed which made the maze feel a little shorter however, there was still intense scares throughout. Many scenes inside had trippy lighting effects along with a strong story told within by the inhabitants. One scene in particular left us all jumping out of skin whilst other scenes looked visually pleasing. 

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 7/10 – Overall: 21/30


“Blackwood Peak Sanitorium is under Lockdown following Doctor Marshalls failed experimental attempt to bring the dead back to life. Instead of a modern-day Frankenstein he has become trapped in a zombie nightmare of his own making. Neither dead or alive, the crazed patients have seized control, running riot in the wards and allowing only live food supplies accessed to the building.”

Also returning for its second year, DisturbIAM brings the intensity to the Fear Island event once again. With a slightly modified storyline, your sent on your way through a ward of hungry patients where you must fend for yourself. Featuring multiple detailed scenes, the actors were not shy in following you and using their space well to create some intense scares. The ending had us running for our freedom… 

 Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 8/10 – Overall: 24/30

The Haunting

“Fear has gripped the inhabitants of Gallowgate, after the corpse of local cunning woman Alice Rutterkin was accidently exhumed outside the castle wall. Disturbed from her eternal rest, the spirit of the witch is consumed with vengeance, hell-bent on revenge and bringing a terrifying possession to the castle in The Haunting.”

The new for 2020 attraction certainly had us scared from the get go. Featuring many theatrical scenes to really engulf you into the story of Alice Rutterkin. The different sets across your journey seem repurposed from last years Tortured attraction however, there were new scenes and everything was utilised well. The actors created a perfect mix of scares, using impact jumpy scares to creepy, atmospheric, storytelling methods, especially in the finale scene! 

 Scare: 9/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 7/10 – Overall: 24/30

Overall, we’ve really enjoyed visiting Fear Island. The current covid measures barely detract from the overall experience, with the actors either wearing a visor or themed face mask and at a distance, still gave us some incredible scares. The 3 mazes overall were nothing short of a full Halloween experience and for an underrated seaside park to pull off an event of this calibre, is worth visiting for.  

Fear Island runs on selected dates from October 10th to the 1st November, with 17 days of Halloween goodness. Wristbands can be purchased directly through the Fantasy Island website at a slightly reduced rate however, you can still purchase these on the day. We would like to thank Fantasy Island for inviting us down to experience the Fear Island event once more. 

Beneath the Fantasy, lies the fear!

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