Fear at avon valley 2016 halloween review

We headed down to Avon Valley Country Park on their opening night, and again a week later to check out their horror event, ‘FEAR’, with 3 live action horror mazes. After having a great time last year we were really looking forward to returning.


While it may look like you start in a clean creepy hospital facility, you’re soon sent on your way through different phobia environments with a real variety of themeing and scares before things go wrong and you’re chased out of the facility. We felt this was the least scariest maze, but it was still a solid attraction with some great effects and attention to detail. In comparison to last year it was an improvement with majority of scenes receiving a face-lift, with new ones as well.

Story & Themeing: 7/10 | Actors: 8/10 | Scare: 7/10 | Overall: 7/10

Anarchy: Live

Last year, it looked amazing from the outside, but we found the inside to be far too repetitive and not enough scares… well this year may look quite bland from the outside, but once inside the maze it is one of the most intense attractions we’ve done this season. Some great introduction scenes in the “production studios”, before we were sent on our way to the games. We experienced lots of jump scares, with the cannibals (actors) really using the fact they’re allowed to touch you to their advantage, pulling and grabbing through the gaps in the walls and corridors and also using their force to break the group up and even sending you into different directions. The whole attraction left us scared and confused throughout, pitch black sections to blinding lights and strobes, just made the scares that bit…. scarier! Unfortunately the finale room(s) seemed to be a bit inconsistent over the two nights we experienced it, but safe to say it still has you running out regardless, and when it is fully working it’s truly terrifying!

Story & Themeing: 9/10 | Actors: 10/10 | Scare: 10/10 | Overall: 10/10


This was a favourite last year, and it’s back as amazing as before with a few changes, some worse and some better, but nothing detrimental to the overall experience. It featured some quality themeing & acting, and some really unique sections, we particularly loved the “searchlight” lighting in the finale, and the clever effects had us all running out the exit. The maze didn’t really seem to follow the stated storyline, but that didn’t matter, because once inside we were immersed into the prison, meeting the various characters scaring us along the way from all angles, and before we knew it, we were left trying to escape ourselves (on our hands and knees!?).

Story & Themeing: 9/10 | Actors: 10/10 | Scare: 8/10 | Overall: 9/10

As well as the 3 mazes, there was plenty of great interacting roaming characters, a great atmosphere, including a stunning light & fire show every hour, and some extra up-charge attractions like zombie archery shooting, and fairground rides. This is the second year we have visited the event, and again, we were left really impressed, to the extent that it was one of our, if not, our favourite events this year. Even though the same 3 mazes returned, they all had some story changes and new scenes which kept it fresh, but would definitely love to continue to see the event grow and bring us more amazing horror maze creations. We highly recommend you keep an eye out for Fear Avon Valley next year!

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