Fear at avon valley 2017 halloween review

We headed down to Avon Valley Country Park, located between Bristol & Bath on Friday 13th for the opening/preview night of Fear… Having visited the past 2 years, we were very excited to be returning to one of our favourite events!

The event is home to 3 scare mazes, plus a secret new attraction for 2017… each attraction is different and provides a great variety of fun & scares, there is also a highly impressive fire & light show, as well as roaming actors to keep everyone entertained and/or scared!


Phobia is back with a vengeance… rated the lowest scares at Fear, and based on previous years, we were not expecting such an intense experience. The maze and use of space for acting has really improved, providing lots of sinister moments and scares. Some very well themed phobia scenarios as well as lots of darkness for good measure!

Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 | Actors: 7/10 | Scare: 7/10 | Overall: 21/10

Anarchy: Live

The production studio and entering into the games is a really nice touch with a good bit of humor, before stepping into the terror that is Anarchy… a really disorientating attraction with lots of twisting and turning, split sections, darkness, strobes, and did we mention a whole host of angry cannibals to dodge; if the ending works properly it will have you running out screaming! We personally preferred the attraction last year due to the use of outside scenes as well which prevented it becoming a bit too repetitive, we also think it would be great if they actually had a live broadcast outside the maze for people to view, as people are certainly having a terrifying time inside.

Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 | Actors: 5/10 | Scare: 6/10 | Overall: 20/10


Rated as the scariest attraction at Fear, and it definitely lives up to the rating… lots of dark & scary scenarios, plenty of jump scares, and actors really making the most of being able to touch the guests with everyone getting split up at one point. We’re so glad to see the surreal prison escape ending complete with searchlights making a return outdoors as it really is the icing on the cake for this amazing attraction.

Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 | Actors: 9/10 | Scare: 9/10 | Overall: 26/10

Themeing & Storyline: ?/10 | Actors: ?/10 | Scare: ?/10 | Overall: ?/10


These are two up-charge attractions which have seen some big improvements on last year and worthy of being their own mini scare attractions, but we won’t give too much away… Choose either Bow & Arrow or Guns, and set off into a realistic scenario attacking real life zombies!

The event has some great street entertainment based around Fear’s icon Frank, who brings out his entourage of clowns and other beings who release terror and fun across the park. We loved how interactive the characters were, especially the blind mystic who took center stage and targeting guests with her tarot cards which played host to a whole range of tricks and treats.

The fire & light show is a personal highlight of ours, which is so visually impressive and with a fitting soundtrack… this year was great to see so many roaming actors dancing and scaring along with it creating a 360 degree experience.

There is on site food and drink available, as well as a small fairground at an additional charge.

Fear at Avon Valley runs on selected dates until 31st October, so if you get the chance, do not miss it!

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