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Fantasy Island is a theme park located in Skegness which includes multiple rides & attractions, which are open during their main season. During Halloween, the park turns into Fear Island with 2019 launching their 3rd installation of the event and therefore being called Fear Island III. With a successful 2018 Halloween event which we rated very spooky, we decided to head back for the bigger and better year.

Fear Island III has the biggest lineup to date for Fantasy Island with some returning attractions along with some new additions. We see the return of Circus of Screams but with new acts and Psycho Mansion continue on the story with Psycho Vault. Temple of Terror has changed to Torchure and the space used previously for Carnivhell is now DisturbIAM. The next new attraction being The House of Voodoo takes place in a new area called Voodoo Bay, which hosts Mambo roaming in the area.

Fantasy Island offer a separate Fear Island wristband during the event, which can include your rides and other attractions for the day along with one entry to each of the Halloween attractions. Costs vary depending on when and how you book along with what you are after, and this best explained over on the Fantasy Island website. In brief, cheaper to book online and in advance for the best offers!

Fear Island offer more than just the mazes this Halloween, with the shows taking a big part in the lineup. For the younger audience, Wicked Witches is a show that’s performed during select times in the main pyramid area, who need your help to stir up a spell. Requiring audience participation, dance, games & laughter are all needed for the spelltacular show which is perfect for the younger and family audience. On top of this, this is a free show anybody can watch by just visiting the arcade!

Circus of Screams have returned for another year but with a slightly changed cast and performance. Keeping the comedy and great family atmosphere, it’s still a strong circus which is enjoyed by everyone. New for 2019, they offer a Fear Friday offer for over 16s to have an adult show. Although we didn’t get to visit that particular show, if it’s anything to go by from last year’s performance, it will be worth watching for sure.

Voodoo Bay is a new area which has been created for the Fear Island event. Located just outside the arcade Pyramid, an event space used in the summer for the beach party & fireworks, it takes on the theme of a sinister dark magic and nightly flame-lit celebration. Within Voodoo Bay, you can find Mambo lurking around. Happy to take selfies and if not, you best get moving as Mambo likes to slowly get closer & closer. We think this is a creepy addition which when busier, we are sure this will be a super spooky and effective themed area.

Psycho Vault

Psycho Vault is brand new for 2019, however it cleverly continues on from the Psycho Mansion storyline. With the mansion being dismantled brick by brick, you now enter the vaults where you find the real horror. Deep beneath the ground, you find the serial killer Edward Slice along with his murderous cohorts who don’t like people breaching the undiscovered vaults that lay within. The maze was pretty scary but also very theatrical, with a strong storyline from the start before the scares began. The themeing was also very good in places with the spooky underground vibes being shown, however the level of detail throughout the attraction was quite inconsistent. The storyline however was the most ingenuous part, with it linking back to Psycho Mansion, which has featured in the previous Fear Island events. What’s also clever is it links to the strapline of the event with the Fear lying underneath the island and with Psycho Vault, the fear is also underneath the island. Overall, this was our weakest maze of the event but that’s hard to pick from an overall strong lineup. The storyline really impressed us along with some of the sets and actors found within the vault.

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 7/10 – Overall: 21/30


Torchure has replaced The Temple Of Terror for Fear Island III, using the same space which is found within the arcade pyramid. Based on a medieval theme, you enter into the fortress of fear as you pay your respects to the late master of the castle. This maze stood out from the rest due to the unique element of it being a candle-lit maze where you are given an electronic candle, which is used to light your way. The scares were strong within Torchure as multiple members of the cast really teamed up to create some of the biggest scares throughout our journey, some by the same actor at several points! The themeing was darkly lit however, with what we could see from the candle, was quite medieval to match the feel of the castle and the theme. The storyline was one of the strongest points about Torchure with it following set stories as you progressed through the rooms. The ending however was one of the best endings we’ve experienced this Halloween, with scares coming from 360 degrees whilst the story was coming to an end. Overall, Torchure is an incredibly unique, medieval themed maze which stands out as a whole for Halloween and from Fear Island.

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 7/10 – Overall: 23/30


Where insanity meets science in a disturbing medical nightmare. Crazed patients await as they welcome you into an unethical world of madness and delusion. Taken over from Carnivhell, the space is now used for this hospital themed attraction. It’s nice to see some themeing leading up the maze and a facade on the building compared to the limited themeing previously. When you enter inside the attraction, you are totally transformed into the hospital reception and from therein, engrossed into a crazy hospital scenario which is more than terrifying. You completely forget you are in a theme park attraction when walking through with some of the sets and rooms being beyond incredible. The truly terrifying theme was accompanied with a mixture of huge jump scares, impressive sounds and effects to keep the tension and a storyline which is told throughout which again, works perfectly. One of the strongest attractions that we weren’t ready for this Halloween season and a massive improvement from previous years.

Scare: 9/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 – Actors: 9/10 – Overall: 27/30

The House of Voodoo

The House of Voodoo is a great immersive maze which sets you right in the scene with it being set in the themed area, Voodoo Bay. With a gripping storyline from the get go and the creepy theme of voodoo, the actors really played their part in taking you into the setting of the voodoo jungle. Another perfect story was told through the attraction along with authentic themeing. This attraction included a small hooded section during your journey however, this incorporated into the story they were telling and the scares caused were pretty imaginative for the styled attraction it is. Overall, another strong maze for Fear Island which really gives them voodoo vibes from the get go.

Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 10/10 – Overall: 26/30

Fear Island III was one of the most surprising events so far for us in 2019 featuring scares, themeing & concepts that are top quality. This goes alongside the storytelling in each attraction to make the concepts unique & immersive, which lacks in most maze attractions found within Europe. We believe this event had found a perfect recipe for scare attractions this year and when they combine this with what they have, it really has created something spooktacular. If you haven’t visited Fantasy Island or the Fear Island event, then you would be silly to miss out for the strongest Fear Island event yet. With all mazes setting the bar high, along with family shows & entertainment, the full package is really given by Fantasy Island.

We would like to thank the Fantasy Island team for inviting us to cover the Fear Island event and we cannot wait for the next surprises installed for Fear Island 2020!

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