Fuzzy Logic Escape Rooms Vet Office VIrtual Review

Fuzzy Logic Escape Rooms goes virtual & presents 5 unique escape rooms that are unique, enjoyable and all with catchy themes!

Fuzzy Logic Escape Rooms is an escape company located in Illinois, America. Created & run by Andrew & Jayson, these two creative geniuses opened back in February 2018, looking to build on their passion and deliver their flavor of games. Hosting 5 super unique rooms, they are currently responding to the Covid-19 situation by providing them worldwide via zoom for the first time ever. 

Games start at $69.99 with multiple time options available via the website. We experienced the award winning room Vet Office, showing how a padlock room translates perfectly virtually in an animal loving themed room! 

Fuzzy Logic Vet Office Review

“Animals have gone missing, and all signs point to the local veterinarian! Complete your rescue mission before authorities claim you are accomplices!

An award-winning escape room, this room embraces core escape room techniques and incorporates them in fun ways!”

This escape room is heavily based on padlocks, which may seem a bit dated playing physically in a world of futuristic and technology based rooms. This does however work very well virtually, and still has multiple puzzles to keep things really interesting and fun. The solutions relating to the padlock codes were really clever, particularly one relating to a laser.

The gameplay is generally linear which means most of the room has to be played in order, but you can spend time trying to solve something that’s not even possible yet, but it does then help get an understanding and the solution later may work out much easier.

Fuzzy Logic Vet Office Review Team Photo

The company have set up the virtual game through Zoom which they share the code and allows the group to join shortly before the start time. Here the host goes through the rules and sets their camera up for the point of view video to watch the game through, and you verbally instruct them what to do. What is unique and we have not experienced before in a virtual game elsewhere, is having another video feed of ‘CCTV’ giving an overview of the room to help your bearings; this is a really handy feature to assist with the gameplay.

Another key feature is the live inventory where images of key items that may be handy to look at in more detail can be opened up via a website on another device, and these items are uploaded in live time as and when they’re found within the game. This is a system we have not seen used before and works a charm. This helps solve puzzles more easily with knowing what you have left to use to progress through the game! 

Overall we had such a fun time playing whilst really testing our brains with some of the solutions, we did get stuck a couple of times and a handy but subtle hint helped us on our way. With the clock ticking down the sense of panic and tension to complete and escape really kicked in, with seemingly so much to do still we managed to get out with just over 2 minutes to spare! We would definitely recommend this experience, and there are other uniquely themed rooms to choose from too; it’s a great chance to experience an escape room all the way in America from the comfort of your own home!

We would like to thank Fuzzy Logic Escape Room for providing us with the experience to review for you all, and it didn’t disappoint. For more information please visit their website. Please remember to take into account time zones when making a booking.

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