Game FX is the first event in the Thorpe Park Resort calendar in 2019. Starting from the 6th April through till the 31st May, Game FX is Thorpe Park Resorts first gaming extravaganza. Featured in the marquee located near Depth Charge & The Swarm Island, Game FX features everything game related from retro gamecube classics such as Mario all the way through to the latest VR adventures!

Sponsored by HYPD, the resort have teamed up to create a gaming event like no other on the island over the following 2 months. The event includes many different aspects for all different age ranges and types of games to appeal to the wider audience. Included with your annual pass or ticket entry, you can book an hour timeslot to experience Game FX and everything within the event.

When entering clueQuest, we were taken to the VR room which is a basic room within the building which hosts 4 VR headsets and a mat. You are given a back story and some instructions before you are given the headset & controls and start the experience. Before each experience, you take on a tutorial to use the headset and controls so you can get a feel of how it all works.

Before starting the experience, you are allowed to customise your character within the world using different costumes and pre made characters. This was a nice little touch. As the game begins, you are thrown right into the experience with a storyline narrated like a story game would.

The setup of the event has different areas and sections which include all kind of games and consoles. From PS1 classics such as Tekken, Gamecube’s super smash brawl through to Xbox 1’s latest Forza or through to Fornight & Fifa on every other console playable. We think this had such a great appeal for the younger audience to play in a larger setup with friends whilst test out some of the old classics which the older generation would of played.

An additional paid for experience is the HYPD legends area. A competitive gaming arena where you can compete against friends and others like minded through the latest games including Fornight, APEX & Fifa. Our understanding is these will be streamed live over Twitch over selected times throughout the day on the big screen for the rest of the event to watch and experience, like an E-sports event would normally do! Competing in some of these events can even reward you in some prizes such as T-shirts and wristbands. We believe to enter this arena for a session will be for £5.

Another paid for experience within the Game FX hall is Virtual Reality. This is one which we would highly recommend and we enjoyed throughout our evening. Please note, we believe this will also be at an upcharge of £5 per session. With a selection of VR Games on offer, you can experience The Plank, where you have to walk along the narrow wobbly plank to experience the unknown. This was the most heart racing game we played on the night however, fun games such as Beat Saber are also on offer which require you to hit your light saber through notes in time with music as they fly at you.

Overall, Game FX is a unique event targeted perfectly for a wide audience that comes to Thorpe Park Resort. We understand this event has received mixed opinions but we believe this is just an upgrade of a typical arcade experience from a seaside but just more advanced and with the current times. This is an experience that could last anywhere from 15 minutes to up to an hour of your day. As a team that do not play video games on this scale often, this was a nice refreshing opportunity to try out games you would often not get to play.

A special mention is to Player Ready Virtual Reality. The team on the night were incredible with attracting people to play the VR experiences whilst talking about the type of games and making it fun for everybody. They managed to draw up a crowd and everybody who experienced one of the multiple games, loved it.


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