Halloween Ratings 2019

Halloween 2019 is now over and here at Thrill Nation, we experienced over 20 events, across 5 countries, over 6 weeks to review 88 different maze styled attractions which have all been reviewed and rated. Each rating you can find in this article can be found in our Scare Reviews section on our website under the individual event along with our a better description of the maze.

Our Halloween maze star ratings are based on the team scoring on Scares, Themeing & Storyline, and Actors each out of 10, to make a total score out of 30. This is included in the review, and also converted into a star rating out of 5 for easy comparisons. We pride ourselves on being unbiased, and the ratings are subjective to the individual’s experience. However we do try and consider the unpredictable nature of scare attractions, which can vary where you are in the group and from different run-throughs. We believe averaging the scoring from the team who have experienced over 100 mazes each provides a reliable opinion.

Zombi 11
Skogen 12
Crazy Circus 12
Witch 12

Abhorrent Alley 14
Freakout 15
Circus of Freaks 15
Carvinal: The Killing Booth 15
House of Horrors Alive 15
Psychoshock 15
The Dollhouse 16
The Edge 16

 Experiment 17
The Wreckoning 18
The Attic 18
Meat Locker 18
The Offering 18
Wonderland: 20/20 18
Horror Circus 19
The Walking Dead; Living Nightmare 19
Creepy Cottage 19
Campout 19
Massacre 19
Caged: The Battle 19
Fear The Woods 19
Darkest Depths 19
Phobia Rebirth 20

Twisted Clowns 3D 20
Vita Nova 20
The Walking Dead Breakout 20
The Village – Coven of 13 21
Toppers Twisted 21
Spooky Castle 21
The Village 21
Psycho Vault 21
Hotel Gasten 21
Slaughterhouse 21
Séance 666 21
Carnevil 21
Haunted Holidays II 21
The Attic: Terror of the Towers 22
Insidious Chapter 2 22
Pie Factory 22

The Laboratory 23
Blair Witch 23
The Beast of Terror 23
The Walking Dead; Do or Die 23
The Cellar 23
Love Hurts 23
X4 23
Torchure 23
Platform 15 24
The Shed 24
Ash Hell Penitentiary 24
Jefferson Manor 24
Hoodoo Voodoo 24
Zombie 24
Puppet Museum 24
Creepy Caves 25
Hillbilly Joe’s Zombee Zoo 25
Anarchy Live 25
Thirteen Freaks 25
The House of Voodoo 26
Trapped 26

Haunted Hayride 26
Red 26
Squealers Yard 26
Insomnia 26
House of Clowns 26
Wrong Turn 26
Project Ningyo 26
Contagion 26
Haunted Hayride: The Harvest 26
Cirque Du Freak 26
The Villa 27
DisturbIAM 27

 Wasteland Penitentiary 28
Chop Shop 28
Hostel 28
Vinden 28
Creak Freak Massacre 29
Stilton Hill Hotel & Hell Spa 29
House of Heinous 29
Dia de Los Muertos 30
Biometrix 30

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