Halloween World Review 2020

Halloween World is a small lesser known event located in Leicestershire. It returns in 2020 with extended lineup which includes an additional maze compared to 2019. With the option of a less scary daytime event which has its own family trail, at night is where the scares begin with it rated and advised for 15 & over. We attended Halloween World on its opening weekend and with limited dates and tickets already selling out, we wanted to see what the fuss was all about. 

The event operates in farmland which we would highly advise bringing wellies for. During our visit, it was extremely boggy from the car park through to where the event was operating. Even though this was a short walk, there was no lighting to guide you but there was some signs within the darkened fields. When we got to the entrance area, there was a handful of food & carnival trucks and one funfair ride in operation (rest was closed like the ghost train). There was a little bit of atmosphere with some music playing and a fire dancer performer, so this helped bring some spooky vibes to Halloween World.

We purchased VIP tickets for £24.50 each which gave you unlimited run throughs on the two mazes they had. Upon entry, you have your tempterture checked, get a wristband relevant to your ticket purchased and with VIP, you get given a free torch. They also had other helpful items which you may need, such as shoe coverings and ponchos.  

Pennywise Presents Clown Carnevil Terror Maze

“In the last two weeks strange cackles and screams can be heard coming from the abandoned carnival fields and sightings of a blood soaked Clown amongst other terrifying creatures.

The site needs to be investigated but do you dare enter?”

After queueing at the entrance and a walk through a small introductory corn maze, you arrive at the maze entrance. Here the ringmaster gives a fantastic spiel about the history of the carnival and the takeover of ‘IT’, before sending you on your way. The maze was within a cornfield and featured some sections of small set pieces, with other areas containing actors hidden within the field. Whilst there was some great unexpected scares, they were very few and far inbetween. The ending put you face to face with ‘IT’ however, the overall experience did lack scares and carnevil / circus themeing. 

Scares: 4/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 4/10 | Actors: 4/10 | Total: 12/30

Field of Screams Xtreme Edition

“Out of the blue, the gates of the farm have been reopened and signs have appeared inviting guests back to visit the farm at night. Do you dare accept Farmer Jack’s invitation to explore the corn mazes at Cattows Farm?”

Field of Screams followed on from Clown Carnevil, where the farmer Jack, gave another fantastic & comedic spiel whilst being interactive with each social bubble. Entering into the Field of Screams, this was the maze where the cornfield should shine, especially with it being xtreme. Sadly, it wasn’t as extreme as they made out however, it did include a lot more scares throughout and a few more set pieces. One of the best features within this maze has to be the audio throughout the cornfields, meaning it wasn’t quiet at any given moment. Whilst typically these mazes rely on quietness and having no audio, this was a great added touch which we enjoyed. Overall, it was a fun attraction and was thankful for having a torch in this one! 

Scares: 5/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 6/10 | Actors: 7/10 | Total: 18/30

Halloween World Review
Halloween World Review
Halloween World Review


Overall, Halloween World was a fun event. Whilst it wasn’t worth the money and entertainment lacked outside the actual experience of the mazes, the actors out of the front of the mazes, and the handful of scares we had, created this fun evening. The cornfields are defiantly creepy on their own and with the addition of a handful of actors, it makes for quite an interesting outcome. We would recommend this event if you are in the area or after a fun, light-hearted evening but make sure you bring your wellies, and a torch isn’t a bad idea…


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