We made our visit to Hansa Park on Sunday 11th August. Hansa Park is a sizeable theme park located on the North coast of Germany about 30 minutes drive from Lübeck Airport and about 75 minutes from Hamburg Airport.

The park is easy to find, and certainly cannot miss the imposing drop tower ride from miles away to know you’re on the right track! The car park is located across the road from the park with a bridge linking the two. Upon arrival at the park entrance the level and detail of theming became apparent and set up for a very promising day. The park opens an hour before the attractions so really gives you time to appreciate the park as you enter. We loved the flowerbed showing the current date and the brass band playing creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Being one of our most anticipated rides of the trip we headed to Kärnan first after getting our bearings of the park which is quite easy to navigate. Kärnan is the headline attraction, built in 2015, this Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster holds a dark secret which we couldn’t wait to experience. The storyline and detailed indoor queue line is perfection and really helps to build the experience and anticipation (even for repeat rides). We truly do recommend keeping the whole experience a secret prior to your first ride (avoid the attraction page on the park website which does spoil), it is both fantastic & terrifying. The physical outdoor ride is fab with a variety of sensations from twisted inversions, to speedy sections and airtime hills!

Fluch Von Novgorod is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter which features one of the fastest accelerations on a coaster in the world! This attraction is highly themed throughout and even includes some indoor sections without spoiling too much. The ride itself has some great elements including an airtime hill straight after the launch, and one inversion which is taken at some speed.

New for 2019 is Highlander, the world’s tallest & fastest gyro drop tower. This attraction is manufactured by Funtime and has been added right in the middle of the Scotland themed area which has received a nice refresh to fit in with the shiny new ride. Highlander is huge, the feeling of being so high, way higher than anything in the surrounding area really is unnerving, but the views are incredible as you rotate around. The drop itself feels like it lasts an eternity and is pretty intense, sadly the seat tilting function of the ride did not seem to be working on our visit.

There’s a decent number of water rides at the park to cool off on. There’s a 4 lane dinghy slide attraction, 2 (yes two) log flumes, and our favourite water attraction the river rafting ride. Störtebrkers Kaperfahrt is an inflatable rafting ride which travels down a giant waterslide with lots of spinning, great fun. On top of all this there are several smaller water rides for children!

There are plenty of other attractions for everyone including Crazy Mine the ‘wild mouse’ style coaster, Nessie the classic Schwarzkopf looping coaster, and 3 coasters aimed at children, plus many more different rides! Our only real negative about the park is the lack of capacity/throughputs on some of the rides, but this appears to be mostly down to the design, rather than efficiency of the staff, which means slow moving queues. This could create an issue on a busy day with significant waiting times, but we were fortunate enough to encounter max 45 minutes on our visit on a Sunday in the summer.

Overall we absolutely loved the place, it has such a charm with its beautiful setting and level of quality theming throughout the park. There’s a varied selection of brilliant rides, and we were mesmerised by the unique laser & special effects show which was a real highlight!

We would like to thank Hansa Park for a brilliant visit and we look forward to returning in the future, especially for the Halloween or Autumn events with a later park closing, to experience the attractions in the dark!

Visit the website for more information to confirm opening times, prices and all up to date infomation on Hansa Park!


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