Hyper Reality New Virtual Reality London Review 2020

January has started our thrilling adventure over in London! Hyper Reality is a new entertainment company located in Bethnal Green that brings an out of this world experience closer to home with the help of Viritual Reality. With VR becoming ever more popular and current, we took the opportunity to head to Hyper Reality to experience some exclusive content and experiences that they are offering right now!

Hyper Reality is a brand new company that started off back in Halloween 2018. Opening a pop up shop offering 2 horror Virtual Reality experiences, they gained positive feedback and reviews allowing them to continue on with their business venture and open the first permanent entertainment location within London. Located easily through public transport, its easily accessible for many to get to whenever in Central London.

Virtual Reality is a simulated experience that can take you to a completely new world or somewhere that can be recreated. New technology in recent years has allowed for bigger and better experiences of this nature to become as popular as it now is with gamers and technology enthusiasts.

Hyper Reality has an impressive building entrance with the logo and some game design showing on the outside. When stepping inside the Hyper Reality building, you are transported into the cyber punk universe of Hyper Reality. Using neon lighting and Japanese electronic art work to design the entertainment complex for ultimate visual pleasure.

Situated with the main upper floor and a ground floor, they have different zones with different experiences and games to be found. With a unique styled coffee and tea bar being offered at the location also, Hyper Reality really offer a alternative experience to be had in London before experiencing any of their Virtual Reality!

The Lounge

The Lounge is Hyper Reality’s underground gaming lair which features its fair share of games. A cosy, comfortable location to settle down in the afternoon or evening to play some unique, fun & interesting games. Some well known favourites such as Mario Kart on the Wii and some retro such as Pandora’s Box. Available for all paying customers who pay to do a Virtual Reality experience or to any customer who purchases a drink at the venue. 

The Lounge looks super quirky with its Japanese neon themed artwork around the room which we are sure gamers and visitors are going to absolutely love!

The Arena

The Arena was our first Virtual experience with the team at Hyper Reality. The Arena can host up to 4 players to play a more challenging experience where you can fight it out with friends to get the highest score or work together in co-op missions.

Hyper Reality have Hyper exclusives which means, they have their own unique games which you cannot play anywhere else in Europe! We tried out one of these experiences called The Last Team, a zombie apocalypse where your the last team remaining to fight off the hoard of zombies and creatures swarming you. 

In this experience, you are giving a tutorial before going into the Virtual experience as you are equipped with a shock vest & gun, which both make the experience super realisitic!

We were loaded into the extreme setting and we were attacked by zombies, flaming dogs and mutant spiders before shortly it got too hectic and we died. We lasted around 6-7 minutes with the experience lasting up to 15 minutes or as long as you can survive, similair to the other experiences they offer. Priced at £8 a person, this was a fun but scary Virtual experience in the zombie apocalyptic world.

The Place With No Name

The Place With No Name is an unusual name for the next experience we endured during our time with Hyper Reality. Explained that the experience covered so much, no name would fully describe what you was about the encounter, so The Place With No Name was created!

This experience included Virtual Reality that you could walk around an empty space but within the experience, you are walking around a Virtual world to play. This is done by sensors and a backpack, along with the headset and controllers.

These premium experiences offer dynamic experiences that last around 10 to 15 minutes and aimed for 1-2 players for £12 each. With more Hyper exclusives, we tried out Wizard & Dragons, where we could become a wizard and fight dragons obviously!

We had to walk between many different rooms within a large tower building fighting the goblins and monsters inside using our wand and defend ourselve using the shield. Towards the end, we fought the boss which a rather large dragon decided to appear!

A fantastic experience and showcases Virtual Reality at its finest and we would love to do more adventures similair to this in the future with Hyper Reality!

Rollercoaster Experience

The Rollercoaster Experience was the third and final Virtual experience that Hyper Reality have to offer. Using a device which looks like a wheelchair, this device would move along with a thrilling adventure of your choosing.

Offering experiences tailored for thrill seekers to the younger audience,they last around 5 minutes with them priced on average at £5.

We experienced two of the Virtual Rollercoaster experiences and we had completely different experiences. Whilst one member travelled across an exciting trip along The Great Wall of China, the other was taken on a slingshot styled ride. 

Both experiences were incredibly realisitic and made you feel like you were actually on the ride or at the experience & location. This was a step up for Virtual Reality like we have seen it and made it feel you can now experience a theme park in the heart of London.

Overall, Hyper Reality brings the world of Virtual Reality to London. With unique Virtual Hyper experiences that cannot be found anywhere else within London, you can be lost in the world of the paranormal, to being trapped on a funfair ride that is collapsing as you ride. All hosted by a friendly and helpful team with reasonable prices  and great opening hours. A not to miss experience for Virtual Reality lovers & thrill seekers alike.

We personally like to thank Hyper Reality for inviting us to come and experience the recently opened experience and we wish them luck with the business during 2020 and the future!

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