Intamin, a well known name in the amusement industry have released four videos to their YouTube channel showcasing multiple brand new attractions…

HOT RACER is Intamin’s take on the single rail coaster which has been unique to the market introduced by RMC a few years ago. This new coaster attraction will be offered in 3 pre-made ‘breathtaking layouts’. Infinity are two separate launched duelling coasters billed as the ‘worlds most compact racing coaster’. Overdrive is a single coaster with a double launch and unique ‘wallride dive’ element. Autodrome is another set of launched coasters which feature a world record of ‘20 duelling moments’ with 2 launches and 2 boosts at 2 race laps!

Intamin’s new VERTICAL LSM COASTER looks quite similar to the popular Premier Rides Sky Rocket II which is found in many parks around the world. This new coaster is billed as the ‘most compact triple launch coaster in the world’ as well as incorporating the ‘worlds first upside-down launch experience’. It launches 3 times (forwards, backwards, forwards) before getting an additional boost whilst upside down and continuing around the rest of the interesting, yet compact layout, with a top speed of 104 km/h!

The new ULTRA SPLASH by Intamin definitely takes inspiration from the Mack PowerSplash attraction. With a vertical spike at either end and an airtime hill in the middle, this water coaster incorporates 3 launches (backwards, forwards, backwards) before a splashdown finale. Intamin claim it is a ‘state of the art track structure’ which should be really aesthetically pleasing, whilst the ride itself stands at 37m tall, has a 90degree drop and a top speed of 94 km/h!

GIGA SPLASH stands at an impressive 40 meters tall. The ride starts with a gentle but ‘interactive’ boat ride section. There is a panoramic vertical lift which rotates 285 degrees whilst ascending, and the vehicle features ‘theatre seating for breathtaking views’. The water coaster plummets down an 87degree drop at a top speed of 100km/h, into a mini water splash, over an airtime hill, and culminating in a final splash which makes a perfect ‘Giga-Sized splash zone’ for a pedestrian bridge over the ride.

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