Linnanmäki iik! Week halloween review 2019

Our first Halloween event this year took us to Finland, Helsinki. Invited over by Linnanmäki to experience iiK! Week alongside their brand new coaster for 2019, Taiga! The park also features many other thrilling attractions and with the addition of the Halloween event, Linnanmäki was open from 1pm to midnight. Making arrangements to visit Linnanmäki is really easy with flights heading to Helsinki.

From there to the park, you can catch public transport. A train station inside the airport on either routes I or P to Pasila or Helsinki Central, then leads you to a short walk (around 15 minutes) to one of the parks entrances itself. Apartments can be found nearby by searching online in advance.

Taiga is the park’s newest attraction, one that has really put the park on the map, and should be a must visit for everyone. The Intamin coaster opened on 18th June 2019 and has had rave reviews since, ourselves included! We love the powerful launches, inversions and moments of airtime & feeling out of control, the perfect combination, making it one of our favourite coasters ever!

Taiga is a multi-launch Intamin coaster that includes 4 inversions, 2 fast launches and multiple ascents and descents crossing 4 other Linnanmäki attractions. With a max speed over 100km/h and with a track length of 1104 meters, Taiga can take 800 guests per hour on its wings as it soares through the sky.

Vuoristorata is the parks classic wooden roller-coaster. Since 1951, it’s been a popular ride for tourists and the Finnish community with the ride requiring a brake man that sits at the back. The coaster completes nearly 50,000 laps over the summer period with it being a fun & quirky ride, which also lights up the sky at night during the later night openings.

The park is also home to many other family & thrilling rides, our highlights were Kirnu the Intamin ZacSpin coaster & Hurjakuru the River Rapids which certainly made a splash! There’s also an observation tower, drop tower, indoor VR coaster and so much more to keep you occupied during a visit!

The Halloween event was on its penultimate date during our visit, otherwise known as iiK! Week. The park puts on a spectacular range of activities throughout the park from around 4pm with the event starting. This includes 2 purpose built scare mazes and two all season attractions converted and amended for Halloween.

One of our highlights of the activities around the park has to be the stage area which included a zombie disco from DJ Osku. The area had several roaming characters in the arena who tried to blend in with the crowd. The roaming clowns were also definitely a highlight and spooktacular addition with them terrifying the crowd and maybe stopping for an image or two too!

The Laboratory

The Laboratory is themed around a test facility which has gone into lockdown and the patients inside have gotten out of control. The mission is for the guests to go in and be food for the patients as the staff members have gone missing, this storyline is given by an actor in a pre show scene. In an unusual method, instead of hands on shoulders, you each have to hold onto a short rope that keeps the group together. The level of themeing inside this maze was great with the makeup and costumes being even better. Whilst this maze was very short, it really impressed us with the scare tactics used and the intensity caused by it, having the whole group terrified!

Scare: 6/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 | Actors: 8/10 | Overall: 23/30

Zombi – Tunnel

Zombie Tunnel sends you down a series of dark passageways to meet whatever inhabitants or creatures that might be down there. The maze is essentially pitch black, but in an attempt to make the attraction unique each person is given a green glowing stick to light the way. We were hoping the lights may have been timed to turn off at key moments etc. but found ourselves wandering through the maze all too quick with minimal scares. It definitely has potential, but wasn’t as good as we were hoping.

Scare: 4/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 2/10 | Actors: 5/10 | Overall: 11/30

Abhorrent Alley

Abhorrent Alley is a seasonal overlay of their existing spooky walkthrough attraction. Actors are added throughout, starting with a spooky soundtrack to build the tension. Each of the 5 actors we encountered through the attraction used their space well and provided different types of scares, the mirror maze section was the most effective! Meeting the cleaver weilding butcher at the end had groups running out screaming.

Scare: 4/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 4/10 | Actors: 6/10 | Overall: 14/30

Horror Circus

Horror Circus is a seasonal overlay of their clown dark ride attraction. This sees the normal sound and effects switched off to make everything more creepy and sinister, but to top this off actors are hiding around every corner to terrorise you. The ride vehicle blocks your field of view, behind, above & below which really allows the actors to surprise you time and time again, and they did a very good job at doing so!

Scare: 6/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 5/10 | Actors: 8/10 | Overall: 19/30

Overall, Linnanmäki is a unique park within the capital. The park has definitely come onto the radar of popularity globally with the wonderful addition of Taiga, along with the spooky event known as iiK! Week! We recommend you visit the park for Taiga and the event in 2020 with the park season running typically from the end of April until the end of October. We would love to thank Linnanmäki for inviting us over to experience Taiga alongside the rest of the park. We look forward to coming back in the near future to see it all again from a whole new perspective!

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