Liseberg theme park 2018 review

Liseberg is an Amusement Park that opened in 1923, and is located in the heart of the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenberg. The central location and variety of rides is probably what makes it one of the most visited parks in Europe, attracting over 3 million guests in 2017!

The park is very easy to get to from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport which is a massive bonus; a short 20 minute coach journey from the airport takes you to the doorstep of Liseberg.

Liseberg have heavily invested in updating & expanding their ride offering over the last few year starting with the introduction of Helix in 2014 which we believe put the park on the map across the world. Helix is a double launched Mack coaster with 7 inversions, and a unique setting on the side of a hill, which really uses the landscaping to it’s advantage to make it a world class ride, and one of our favourites ever!

2015 seen the addition of a Zierer Starshape flat ride named Mechanica, which is certainly a thrilling & fun attraction. The park added Aero Spin in 2016 which is a Gerstlauer Sky Roller where you can decide what type of ride you have, whether you want to take in the stunning views of the park & surrounding area, or use the interactive wings to see how many times you can spin upside down & around!

Liseberg announced a 2 part investment for the following two years bringing together a new themed area culminating with the brand new coaster. In 2017 they opened Loke, a giant Intamin Gyro Swing, spinning & swinging reaching heights of up to 42m and speeds of up to 100 km/h, we think it’s amazing!

Valkyria opened in August 2018; it’s a Dive coaster from the manufacturers B&M with a 50m vertical drop into a mist filled tunnel, followed by a relentless layout including 3 inversions. The trains are 3 rows, with 6 seats per row; there is a separate section in the main queue line for front row, otherwise you will be allocated your row by a member of staff. At this present time, no bags are allowed to be taken into the main queue (which looks to be an attempt to speed up the boarding process), and a free locker in the Valkyria shop must be used; loose articles can be taken into the queue with you but must be left in the boxes the staff show around in the station before you ride. There is a single rider queue which can be useful.

There is more to Valkyria than the coaster itself, the themeing of the main entrance and station is stunning with lots of attention to detail. The giant smoke filled cauldrons hanging from the ceiling to replicate flames as lights is a nice touch, and there is also a shadow projection to look out for on the other side of the station which is effective, building the atmosphere before braving the ride.

Valkyria really comes to life at night with the tunnel glowing blue and the ride feeling even quicker, it’s a must do experience in the likely event the park is open late enough for rides in the dark; the rest of the park also looks stunning lit up.

Liseberg is home to many other rides and attractions which you’d expect to find at a popular park. FlumeRide their log flume, Kållerado the river rapids, Radiobilarna the bumper cars, and plenty of rides for children, so the park has something for the whole family. Other attractions at the park that we love are AtmosFear the 146m drop tower, Balder the outstanding wooden coaster & Spökhotellet Gasten the fantastically themed haunted house with live actors! Visit the Liseberg website for the list of main rides, as there are many more attractions to discover.

We strongly believe Liseberg is one of the best Theme/Amusement Park destinations in Europe, it’s easy to get to, the park have just added Valkyria which is a solid addition to an already amazing & varied ride lineup, and all the staff make you feel so welcome; it’s like a second home!

Travel & Ticketing Options

Numerous airlines fly from various aiports in the UK to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. We chose to fly British Airways from London Heathrow which was very convenient.

The airport is located approx. 20 minutes away from the city of Gothenburg and Liseberg. The bus stop for the frequent coach transfer at the airport is immediately as you leave the airport arrivals area, and the bus stop for the park is korsvägen / svenska mässan. Visit the Flygbussarna website for more information regarding tickets, routes and timetables. Tickets can be purchased online in advance to print, or purchased from machines at the bus stops.

Liseberg’s ticketing system works as an entry price, and then the option to purchase vouchers for rides, or an unlimited wristband, discounts are also available for 2 days. We reccommend spending 2 days at Liseberg to get the most out of your visit; it may not be the largest park, but there are lots of things to do, and many hidden gems! For more information regarding the park and tickets etc. visit the Liseberg website.

We would like to thank Liseberg for inviting us to experience Valkyria and the rest of the lovely park, and we look forward to returning!

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