Lola In Space Escape Room By Reason Review

This May we have taken to the stars to experience the brand new virtual escape room created by Reason. Lola in Space is the latest intergalactic mission created by a company all about future technology and using it to its full advantage in fun & exciting ways.

Did we help Lola escape outer space?

Lola in Space is produced by an independent company known as Reason. Reason was born from Mike & Crina, a husband and wife duo who have been humanizing our relationship with technology and each other since 2014! 

With a passion for PC games & escape rooms, they decided and saw an opportunity to innovate the escape room medium into a platform for technology exploration, team optimization, and immersive story telling.

From starting out in 2014 in designing an interactive automotive museum exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Arena to taking the next steps towards the future in 2019 in consumer and children programs to enable first-contact experience for all.

Reason do not wait about and that is why in 2020, we see the creation of Lola in Space, the world’s first remote team escape experience. 

Dial into the ISS via video conference.

Lola is trapped in the supply module on the International Space Station while Mission Control in Houston is down!

Can your team get in touch and help Lola escape?

Direct a real life avatar over a video conference whilst in quarantine. Using future technology to strengthen your connection with others in this 1 hour experience in helping Lola come back to earth. This sci-fi adventure can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection via the power of zoom to allow you all to connect safely with other humans at home.

Lola in Space was hosted by Lola! Lola was a friendly astronaut who unfortunately has been trapped and requested for us to help her escape. Lola started the mission with giving us a tour of the supply module to get our bearings and gave us some useful information throughout. 

The room was space themed as you would expect with spacecraft panels & futuristic devices. Some of these formed the puzzles which some were extremely futuristic. From holograms to heat detection devices, the puzzles stayed within the theme design. The difficulty level was right in the middle with some being very difficult with others making sense but, were time consuming to compensate for being easy. 

The game followed a linear puzzle system and we believe this worked for this type of remote escape room. This means the team are always focused on one puzzle instead of several at the same time. Whilst linear puzzles are not as popular in physical escape rooms, these work much better virtually! 

Whilst some puzzles we struggled on, Lola was on hand as an extra member of the team as of course, she wanted to escape! She was enthusiastic, charming and most importantly funny as she gives you space themed jokes throughout your experience as a reward on your progress. 

Overall, Lola in Space was a mission that took us to space and back in an hour, without even having to leave the comfort of our own beds! With comedy, charm & charisma throughout by the amazing astronaut Lola, we managed to help her escape with 5 minutes to spare. We had great fun playing and loved the space theme with a realistic story line at this current time as how else would you rescue someone else from space? 

Reason have a lot more to give over in San Francisco, America. Experience from large group activities to a real life escape room, they have managed to use future technology to their advantage. 

We would like to say thank you to Reason for allowing us to experience Lola in Space and to Lola for helping us out when we most needed it! We would recommend trying out Lola in Space whilst it is available at this unique time before Lola escapes for good…

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