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UK Theme Parks have started to annouce what exciting plans they have for the 2020 season. With some plans being known about for a while, other plans are fresh and only recently been announced. With not all UK Theme Parks announcing new plans, we have brought to you a current list of what is known and confirmed for 2020, with additional news being updated as 2020 continues on.

Thorpe Park Resort – Black Mirror Labyrinth

BRAND NEW in 2020 you’re invited to playtest the Labyrinth as THORPE PARK Resort launches the world’s first live Black Mirror experience with Black Mirror Labyrinth.

Get lost as you enter a hypnotic maze using cutting-edge visual technology and sensory-defying environments.

Will you keep your grip on reality or will you lose yourself in the mainframe as this unpredictable digitised dimension reveals an uneasy truth that manipulates and displaces your very existence.

Tornado Springs – Paultons Park
Delayed Until Easter 2021

Tornado Springs is a brand new themed area coming to Paultons Park, a theme park normally known for being home to Peppa Pig! With a successful launch of previous areas such as Lost Kingdom and expanding Peppa Pig World, Tornado Springs is the next adventure taking you to an American midwest desert town, set in the 1950’s with a range of new rides, rethemed attractions and much more.

The highlight attraction for Tornado Springs will be the new coaster Storm Chaser. A family roller coaster which will freely spin guests around a tight and twisty layout across the land.

Flamingoland Resort – New Unnamed Coaster

Flamingoland have been busy advertising and building a new roller coaster for the 2020 season. Although very little is known about any theme or name for the ride, we know it is going to be very similair to Colossus at Thorpe Park with it containing 10 inversions.

Construction is fully underway but with no opening date or name, we have to wait and see further what Flamingoland are going to offer for their 2020 season!

Alton Towers Resort – Gangsta Granny – The Ride

Alton Towers Resort are presenting a brand new area replacing the Cloud Cuckoo themed area of the park for 2020. The world of Davids Walliams takes over the resort with many well known children books coming alive from the author.

The main attraction will be David Walliams most sold and popular book, Gangsta Granny. Riders will get to experience the book coming alive with a 4d story happening all around including smells, sound and 4d effects.

Other additions will also transform the new area to the park such as Raj’s shop, Royal Carousel and other twists and turns yet to be released!

Legoland Windsor Resort – Duplo Dino Coaster

Legoland Windsor will be bringing a new audience targetted roller coaster to the park during the 2020 season. Duplo Dino Coaster will be a very small coaster aimed for the youngest of audiences in the hope of it being their first roller coaster! This also comes with a revamp of the whole Duplo Valley area.

Other additions are also happening around Legoland Windsor such as Atlantis Submarine Voyage is having a retheme and name change to Deep Sea Adventure. This will match the name across other Legoland Resorts across the world and will hopefully also see a change in themeing to the ride!

Chessington World of Adventures
New Rainforest Themed Land & Elmer’s Flying Jumbo’s

Chessington will launch it’s 11th new themed land to the park known as Rainforest Land. Aimed at the younger target audience, Rainforest Land will include a new mini logflume, rethemed tree hoppers and a tonne more surprises in this new colourful, fun filled area.

Chessington will also see the Flying Jumbo’s ride take on an IP (brand) being Elmer! Elmer is a well known and loved elephant within children books. With this being an old book, many guests should be looking forward to seeing a refresh hopefully to the exisisting Flying Jumbo’s ride at the park, whilst it relocates.

Gulliver’s Valley- New Theme Park

Gulliver’s Valley is a new theme park expecting to open during the 2020 season. Joining numerous other Gulliver’s parks, Gulliver’s Valley is expecting to go through 5 phases with the end product giving over 70 rides & attractions. Phase one includes rapids, a play area, a blast zone along with a Wild West area all currently being constructed.

Whilst we wait for this to be confirmed further, Gulliver’s are becoming bigger during 2020 and will continue to grow in future years!

Fantasy Island – Turbulence & Fireball

Fantasy Island will be debuting Turbulence for the 2020 season. Spin at 29 metres in every direction possible both powerful and thrilling. Replacing existing thrill rides such as Amazing Confusion & Beast Beware, for a breath taking experience in the sky.

Fireball also joins the Fantasy Island lineup for 2020 along with a Skyflyer!

Then grand opening is Saturday 28th March and you can grab your tickets for the launch through Fantasy Island directly!
(Please note Skyflyer is only temporary for the start of season)

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