Paultons Park Happy Halloween 2019 review

Paultons Park Happy Halloween event has returned for 2019 with many changes seen throughout the event to keep it fresh and current moving forwards.

The Happy Halloween event at Paultons Park is on selected dates throughout October with more activities happening during half term week. New for 2019, you will get to see Peppa & George dressed up in their spooky Halloween costumes along with Peppa Pig World having some festive updates! The return of Big Boo Barn & The Legends of Paultons Manor show. Two late night openings towards Halloween until 7:30pm along with many other changes such as even more pumpkins around the park and further returning shows.

With the success of the Happy Halloween event in 2018, Paultons Park are always looking to offer more and with the continued event, we are sure to continue seeing the Happy Halloween event to expand and offer more to the family market.


In 2018, Paultons Park relevaled the Big Boo Barn, a new family walkthrough Halloween experience which mainly catered for the younger and family audience. We thought this was a great additional and alternative to what other family Halloween events have to offer within the UK theme park industry.

For the 2019 event, we see this brought back with a few changes compared to our previous visit. This included the attraction having actors which guided you through the rooms and offered more interactivity with the experience. They gave you some friendly discussions for each room and interacted with the mini show elements in each room. We thought this is quite clever and is different to walking through at your own pace. The only downside is that this creates a queue but is more worth it for the groups that do get to experience this to be in smaller sizes and to experience each room from start to finish!

Big Boo Barn also sees an additional room added for this year with this being more of a scarier element to the rest of the maze. A smoke filled room with lights and an actor within, offers smaller jump scares depending on the group and the reaction from the audience. The way this is pulled off is genius with the actor checking the group for younger guests before offering spooks to a certain level. The reaction seemed positive from the numerous groups going through and offered some potential if Paultons Park did a maze targetted towards the older audience.

Paultons Park Happy Halloween also includes a handful of shows throughout the October month. The main Legend of Paultons Manor show is unfortunately only available during half term week however, this left the storytelling show and the Little Monster’s Ball show still to be seen. With changes seen to the Little Monster’s Ball, both shows look super popular with guests with there being numerous well known songs for adults and kids to boogie to!

New for 2019, Peppa Pig World sees a mini expansion with themeing added throughout the land. This includes Peppa & George dressing up for the spooky festivities. The area also sees the addition of IMAScore created music specially made for the area! We also got to see a rather large spider on the roof and all of this combined with the event was great to see the event expand out further into their most popular area for a family Halloween event.

Although during our visit we didn’t get to experience the full Happy Halloween experience, we are still super happy with the event and love the family atmosphere it brings compared to other events of it’s competitiors. Overall, with the updated themeing around the park and in Peppa Pig World, along with the changes in the Big Boo Barn, its another great and successful event from Paultons Park.

We recommend you still make a visit as it’s not too late. With the two late night openings upcoming on Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st October, along with the additional show The Legends of Paultons Manor returning during half term week, it would be great to share a family experience which isn’t too spooky but a great starting block for the younger audience and slightly nervous adults!

The best and only place to get tickets is through the Paultons Park website which can be found below. We wish to thank Paultons Park for inviting us down and we cannot wait to experience Happy Halloween in 2020 along with the addition of Tornado Springs, the new area coming to Paultons Park early 2020.

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