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Tension Twisted Realities is a family entertainment centre & corporate team building business located in Lincoln in the east midlands. Tension covers a great range of entertainment fun for the whole family, with activities ranging from their six escape room games, 2 outside missions and an online escape room too. If this isn’t enough, they have 4 Virtual Reality booths with over 100 different experiences and even a mobile bomb unit which you can try and defuse. 

During our visit, we went to experience the escape room side of the business, this being Plague.

Plague is one of the six escape rooms they have on offer at Tension with it being a typical 60 minute escape room styled mission. With it being a horror themed room, we thought it was perfect to cover during the month of October. Containing scare elements and not for the faint hearted, it was rated a 4/5 in difficulty and was even awarded escape room of the year in Lincoln for 2019. 

The other rooms they have to offer range in themes and difficulty, such as Lancaster, Imp & Mad Money. All the rooms had a connection however, based on the character Mr Blofielt, which means there was a connection through each experience which was a great addition to the experience, espically for repeat customers!


“In the spring of 1349, the Black Death Plague came to the city of Lincoln, this Plague killed an estimated 200 million people across Europe and around 50% of the population of Lincoln before it finally relented 1353. In many areas 90% of people who became infected with the disease perished, the bacteria spread easily by fleas and ticks and became airborne through coughs and sneezes.

To this day it is still the worst Pandemic ever to hit the human race

Luther Blofielt, the evil genius, has excavated 13th-century human remains buried beneath this very church, using the very latest DNA technology he has managed to recreate the Bubonic Plague bacterium, commonly known as the “Black Death”. Worst still, he has found a way to reproduce the bacteria using body parts from the horde of the undead that litter the streets of Lincoln.

Luther MUST be stopped before he releases the Bacterium.”

Our experience actually began with Plague before we arrived at the venue. To enter the building itself, you have to open the door with a code which relates to a question you are texted before your visit. Only solving this puzzle, are you then ready to experience your escape mission. 

Plague was a very eerie room with some great effects, puzzles and set pieces. The game starts in a corridor where you are given some further instructions on your mission and you begin by entering the first room. With the lights being out, it starts with finding light and then finding your bearings to start the puzzle solving. This starting room used a nice mixture of logical puzzles, clue finding and common sense. 

As the first room wasn’t that scary, we fell into a horrible trap as we then continued into other parts of this room. As we delved deeper into the puzzles, we found ourselves frightened at the easiest of things and using simple but effective scare techniques to get us. We wouldn’t want to ruin the scares for any future players and won’t mention much on how the scares work however, they managed to make us all jump and have moments of pure panic! 

For 3 players, there was enough for us all to do and the puzzles required a lot of searching to find the solutions at times, but it did start to come together the further into the experience you got. Due to the theme of the room, there wasn’t too much technology used and the puzzles were more of a traditional styled game. When technology was used in this room however, it worked fluently with the game to either scare you or create the solution. 

Our favourite part to the plague room had to be a mixture of the space used, from the starting room being nothing too special, to entering into an outside cove like space and even a basement, it certainly got creepier to add to the scare elements. 

Overall, Plague at Tension Twisted Realities was a great escape room which we managed to escape with just under 10 minutes left on the clock. The difficultly of it for us was just right however, some of the puzzles may be a little difficult for a first time group for example. Everything came together during the experience to keep within the theme and the elements of scare definitely help make the puzzles just that little bit harder and can cause you longer than normal to solve the simplest of clues. Priced at £17.50 per person (or £40 if only 2 players), it is great value for this experience for what you are getting and the team make sure to help when required. 

Therefore, we would recommend this as an experience to play whenever you are in the area or if you are local, you should add it your list to play soon! We must thank the Tension Twisted Realities team, and our game master & manager of the escape room Stewart, for inviting us down and allowing us to review a great experience they have to showcase. 

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