Plan 52 clueQuest Escape Room Review 2020

This February, our favourite escape room company clueQuest invited us out to come and experience Plan 52, the first escape room in the current 4 part series of escape rooms.

For those who havent read our previous reviews or dont know who clueQuest are, they are an escape room business located close to Kings Cross / St Pancras station in London. Themed to a spy organisation, you are introduced to your new boss Mr Q and take on a mission to defend the world from the evil plots of Professor Blacksheep.

Each escape experience has its own story however all 4 experiences use Mr Q, Professor Blacksheep and require you to save the world! clueQuest manage to interlink and use this fluid theme throughout your experience with them, from the moment you step inside the building, through to your escape adventure.

Plan 52 requires you to enter the facility and work out who the double agent is within clueQuest. With 4 agents missing and a bomb needing to be defused, failure is not an option.

With Plan 52 being the first experience that was offered at clueQuest, the room uses a lot more padlock and manual puzzles, different to the more tech heavy rooms you commonly find today. The room has many different sections and has many puzzles throughout. This is perfect for a large team as this allows for multiple puzzles to be done at the same time and gives the whole team purpose during the experience. The first part of our experience showed how a team of 5 could take advantage of this however, lacking communication can cause a longer delay which we also found during our escape!

Whilst going through the experience, there were a number of extremely clever puzzles which requires searching, finding, decoding and logical thinking to proceed forward in the room. The hardest puzzle was a clock puzzle however, had quite an easy solution.

Although the room was padlock heavy, Plan 52 offered a wide range of puzzles to get the codes for the locks. Cards, bricks and books were all used cleverly throughout. With some use of technology based puzzles, these were simple yet effective and definitely not expected!

Ultimately, we managed to escape Plan 52 in just under 50 minutes with just one clue. This placed us in the top 40% of groups!

Overall, clueQuest keeps on surprising us and Mr Q is super impressed we have now managed to escape all 4 rooms. Each experience offers something unique to the other and regardless of group size, its achievable, fun and exciting 60 minute adventure. From Plan 52’s padlocks, Operation Blacksheeps rocket attempt, Revenge of the sheeps SheepMutator to CQ Origens shrink’o’mat!

With 2 virtual reality experiences along with the 4 escape rooms, clueQuest has to the best escape room / spy organisation in London & beyond! With a new virtual reality game and new “Escape the building” experience expected later in 2020, we cannot wait to see the future of clueQuest!

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