Pleasurewood Chills Review 2020

Pleasurewood Hills turns into Pleasurewood Chills once again for the Halloween season.

Pleasurewood Hills is a theme park located in Suffolk, offering a variety of family and thrill rides throughout the season. Every Halloween, the park takes on a new name and a spooky atmosphere called Pleasurewood Chills. This year sees 2 extreme scare attractions plus a host of family entertainment across the park. For the 2020 season, Cannonball express has reopened after extensive refurbishment. This adds to the other existing coaster lineup including Wipeout, Marble Madness and Egg-spress. Other thrill rides amongst family attractions are within Pleasurewood Hills, which has been voted as one of the best parks for value for money. Tickets start from £18 with discounts available with Tesco vouchers for example.

Pleasurewood Chills returns for a second year of a revamped event, after a successful push back in 2019. Pumpkins can be found around the park amongst other spooky decorations, to give it a family friendly Halloween atmosphere. The main attractions for family’s is the Train of Tiny Terrors, this is accompanied by some pumpkin carving. For the more brave, 2 extreme mazes are within the lineup known as Hell Express & Shaft 13. Both mazes combined cost £5 additional to your entry price.


“Welcome aboard the Hell Express, a one way ticket to the final destination. On board this train of horrors are the souls of the damned, ferried by the evil, satanic demons that conduct this nightmare on rails. Will you be brave enough to join the passenger list?”

Hell Express takes place inside an actual derelict train which you can see from outside, which adds that authentic feel. Inside however, its filled with tight corridors and the angry souls lost on board the train. With the darkness and confined corridors, scares were plentiful along side enough themeing to add to its spooky a atmosphere. Whilst the length of the maze was relatively short and, some of our interactions were quite weak, Hell Express still provides many scares on its dark journey to hell.

Scares: 7/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 | Actors: 6/10 | Total: 20/30

Shaft 13 – The Legend of Hob

“Only the bravest adventurers will head into Shaft 13 – a mine long abandoned by the Dark Hills Mining Company. Many have ventured in but none have returned to tell the tale of the mine which is said to be haunted by Hob, an axe wielding demon who claims the lives of anyone who goes in.”

Shaft 13 The Legend of Hob was a very dark and creepy attraction. Taking place in a mine shaft, most of the maze was in pitch darkness with some elements of strobe, lasers and other effects. This allowed for some unexpected scares at the best of times, which was accompanied by a convincing storyline that worked well overall. Inside the maze, the across used their space well, which included a great introduction scene and comedy towards the end.

Scares: 8/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 | Actors: 7/10 | Total: 23/30

Pleasurewood Chills Review
Pleasurewood Chills Review
Pleasurewood Chills Review


Overall, both mazes do offer a solid experience and worth the value for money, especially for a Halloween event. With covid restrictions, it did add time onto queueing for the mazes which was longer than we would of liked however, the experiences are strong and not your generic attraction themes.

Pleasurewood Chills therefore is a perfect family friendly event which has something for all. Whilst a target market towards family, Halloween does not dissapoint for the scare seekers and those after a little fright. We would love to thank the team at Pleasurewood Hills for inviting us down to experience Pleasurewood Chills for 2020 and look forward in seeing how the event develops in the future.

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Pleasurewood Chills Review

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