Plonk golf at winterville london 2018 review

Plonk is a whole new approach to Crazy Golf! Plonked inside some of London’s best award winning pubs and bars, we’ve brought 9 holes of the craziest Crazy Golf to a bar near you.

Whether indoors in hyper-coloured UV, or outdoors in a covered beer garden, each one of our courses is as unique as the bars that host us, so come down and enjoy one of our Polynesian Putting Paradises, Pull a Pint, and Play some Plonk!

Currently scattered in London in 6 locations, we took the opportunity to check out the Winterville location courtesy of the Plonk team! ” The fairground meets the fairway in our 9-hole classic course situated in a converted Dodgems track. The nine hole course features some of our favourite obstacles including their Skeeball Holes, new Loop da Loops and plenty of rolling hills.”

When entering Winterville, this is one of the closest attractions inside and we were excited to see how they made use of a converted Dodgems track to make home of their 9 hole crazy golf course. Keeping with the theme, it was well laid out and themed to the fairground style. Signs such as “One way around the track” were located around inside. They made good use of the space inside which allowed them to add 2x of some of the holes! This means during the peak hours, you don’t have to wait around for the person ahead to finish, as a duplicate hole would be right beside it. GENIUS IDEA!

Playing some top bangers inside, it gave a great atmosphere as you played through the 9 holes. Our favourite hole had to be hole 9 which was a great little ending for the experience. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and overall, it was a great experience to play some crazy golf in a unique enviroment compared to most!

One of the best features about the Plonk set up is where they are located. With some many different set ups and locations, no 2 courses are the same. Normally located near a bar, you can even have a drink whilst you go putting. Always setting up in more locations through the UK (and ABROAD!), we can’t wait to see Plonk golf soon in a new location.

If you fancy experience Winterville’s Plonk golf yourself, it’s £7 per person and can be purchased through the Plonk golf’s website.

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