Prison Escape Online Review

Prison Escape Online is a real life game you can experience from behind your PC. Go online and establish a live feed with real characters. By interacting with them you can bypass and hack the prison’s security system in cooperation with your team. Only with clear communication, interaction and solid teamwork can you free Yuri Koblenko, a man sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit. The clock is ticking, there’s no time to lose…

Prison Escape Online is a brand new online experience created by Real Life Gaming over in The Netherlands.

Real Life Gaming is a company that was brought to life in 2014 which is a community and network organisation that builds experiences that are unforgettable. They aim to put each player in the first player seat for them to have a unique adventure like your own lead role in a film. With game designers, directors, actors, light and sound engineers, writers, graphic designers, they produce top end real life games which can only be experienced in person. 

The most successful and current running game is called Prison Escape, that allows participants to escape from a real life prison in an action packed game.

Prison Escape Online is a variation of the Prison Escape game which Real Life Gaming currently hosts. Prison Escape is a 350 player game which takes around 3 hours to complete and has over 80 actors taking part in the real life prison escape. With multiple different ways to escape and situations you can end up in, this sounds like a unique, one of a kind experience hosted in The Netherlands. Prison Escape is hosted in an actual prison in one of the three unique dome prisons at Boschpoort in Breda.

Prison Escape Online takes the real life game virtual for this first time ever. They have used the same concept of the real life game and put the best parts online for a 45 minute experience like no other. Using live actors, a real prison and a highly detailed storyline, you become hackers to help free Yuri Koblenko with help from a mysterious character named Blue.

The experience begins from the moment you purchase your game slot. You get access to an online portal which has the backstory of Yuri Koblenko amongst other characters you may come in to contact with in the prison. 

The game allows 7 players to hack into the prison security system with character Blue to help free Yuri Keblenko. Interacting with inmates, guards and systems successfully will be the only way you are able to succeed in this high stakes escape. With a limited time frame, you have to think on your feet with complete teamwork to make the right choices on how this is going to be possible and that you do not get caught or take too long! 

The experience was nothing we have ever experienced before. This game is played in a real life prison which the scale of is huge. Even virtually, you are shocked at how everything works in this live adventure taking part in front of you. With a mixture of puzzles, decisions and theatre, it completes the adventure and honestly does make you feel like you are in your own movie, even behind your PC screens. 

With multiple visual and audio effects used throughout the Prison Escape Online game, it was an experience that kept on giving from start to finish. From a tense atmosphere at the start, to a dramatic ending, the story line was gripping and highly detailed. When you thought and started to understand the highly detailed story, so many twists & turns that you could not expect occurred which really kept you interested in this mission. Overall, Prison Escape Online is a unique virtual game which on its scale, you can not compare to any other experience. This bite size adventure is only a part of what we can only imagine of what the real life game Prison Escape is and we hope one day we can experience that too. 

Prison Escape Online is virtual and can now be played in English as well as Dutch. This allows for a large audience to play for the first time ever virtually and with you having a private booking with just your group, it allows for you to be fully immersed in this prison escape story. For prices, dates and times, we recommend you head only to Prison Escape Online’s website that can be found below. 

We would like to say thank you to the team of Prison Escape Online for hosting our one of a kind escape which we managed to thankfully help free Yuri Keblenko! They have provided this to us as a free experience to showcase to a UK audience however, this has not affected the above comments. 


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