Questventure Cosmic Panic Review

Questventure is a brand new business which has launched on May 7th and is looking to offer some top of the range virtual games to play. With a perfect time to play them, they are launching with 2 completely different games called Cosmic Panic & A Hunt Across The Capital. Both games have different styles but both have the same goal of allowing you to step into an immersive puzzle adventure from the comfort of your own home.

Cosmic Panic

“Your spaceship has collided with an asteroid and you’re heading directly towards earth. Only 30 minutes remain before you plummet to the ground. And with the ship running on emergency power, and your crewmates locked in the hold – it’s up to you to navigate through the shuttle, repair the electricity and fix the flight path before it’s too late.

Use the spacecraft instruction manual, to help you solve a series of puzzles and repair the spacecraft.

In this immersive adventure, take on the mission alone or compete against friends and family using video call.

Good luck astronauts…”

Cosmic Panic is a 30 minute family friendly escape game that can be played online. Designed to a space theme, you must use the instruction manual to help you repair the spacecraft in the fastest possible time. 

You can play this game solo, with family in the same household or even with friends across the world. All you need is one person to purchase the game for £4.99, head to the link provided and enter the password required to play the game. 

Your whole group can use the same code to access the system however, each game is individual so we would recommend if playing across different households, to have one person share their screen to the rest of the group. 

This game is required to be played on a PC and not a mobile device however, it is best to have the game up on the PC and then use your phone for the instruction manual as this plays a key part in the game! 

Cosmic Panic really took us to outer space in a voyage to solve all the space themed puzzles during our mission. The story interlinks with the puzzles which requires you to take the necessary steps to repair the shuttle before it’s too late. Using the instruction manual, you are required to get key words to complete the repair and move forward with the next phase. The puzzles were relevant and very clever. A part of the instruction manual is only handy on each individual mission and therefore, you have to work it out as and when you get to that puzzle and sometimes, that is harder than you first think. 

It has a range of puzzles which all have clever cryptic clues to help you move on and if they do become too difficult, you are given 2 SOS hints which should put you back on track. Worst case sceanrio, they can reveal the answer but the puzzles should be the right level of difficuility for the average family to solve, we promise! 


Overall, we had great fun playing Cosmic Panic. This out of this world immersive mission plays out a space mission you won’t forget in just under 30 minutes, hopefully! With a family friendly storyline and with infinity (maybe not infinity) ways to play the game, Cosmic Panic is worth the £4.99 to play.

We managed to complete our intergalactic mission and repair the spacecraft in just under 30 minutes! Can you beat us on the leaderboard? 

Thank you to the team at Questventure for allowing us to be one of the first people to experience Cosmic Panic! We will look to bring you A Hunt Across The Capital at a later date but in the meantime, good luck fixing that rocket!

-Astronaut Austyn Out

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