Robyn Yew by Agent November Review

Agent November has returned to the real world and requires your help to stop Robyn Yew. After recently experiencing the new virtual mission, we have kept our eyes peeled for the return of the real life missions within London. Check out our thoughts below of the slightly adapted Robyn Yew mission, being one of the first agents back on the scene since the virus…

Agent November is an escape room company based in London which hosts 3 escape games that can be played in numerous places within the city. Agent November being the main character, the story plays out through the missions with you joining the agency to help defeat Marty Orri. 

During lockdown, they have hosted a virtual introduction mission to the story of Agent November. Whilst this still continues, the real life missions have recently began opening up since June 27th. These are possible due to the escape room experience being set outside and can be done by maintaining social distancing, which is still key at the time we experienced this adventure. 

We were fortunate enough to be the first set of agents to experience the adapted real life missions in London. This was our thoughts on the Robyn Yew mission. 

“The museum of secrets has been robbed! We have received Intel that Marty Orri has a master plan called ‘Project Pandora’. Robyn Yew has stolen precious artefacts from the museum of secrets. We need to retrieve the stolen items for a high profile client. Investigate the area and find the crucial evidence. Can you save us from an international crsis?”

The game is hosted and set within the area of Bloomsbury in London. This being close to Central London, it is moments away from several underground stations. As the game area can be changed depending on weather conditions and other situations, you are given a location to meet them a few days prior to your experience alongside more key information which you need on the day. 

Agent November costs differently depending on the number of players, with more players the cheaper the game gets per person. Ranging from £85 to £160 as the current summer 2020 prices, we recommend gathering a few friends to make the experience as affordable as possible.

The Robyn Yew mission begins at the exact time of your booking, at the location confirmed to you directly. We were given a key word and was made aware to only give this to an agent who you’ll be able to track down at this set location at this given time. Right on time, we had seen the agent we would be working with during our mission and gave the secret key word to begin our top secret mission. 

Whilst Coronavirus is around at the time of this review and will be for many people wishing to experience an Agent November or similar experience, it is good to note they have adapted the mission to make it work whilst not losing any fun. They provide gloves, sanitiser and clean all of the equipment prior to you playing and starting the mission, whilst the agent assisting stays distant during the experience. 

After a short briefing of the rules, the story and what our objective was, we were able to begin the mission. The objective – to stop Robyn Yew selling the artefacts before an international crisis started. This mean’t we have 60 minutes to find the 3 statues locked with given padlocks, by solving puzzles around different locations within Bloomsbury London!

The mission begins with a box and a gym bag that the agent (otherwise known as the game host in a normal escape room) has brought with them. The gym bag has a series of padlocks and boxes which need to be opened and to do this, you have to work through a series of puzzles. This following a typical escape room style however, this is set in the outside world of London. This meaning you won’t stay in one spot and are required to travel to nearby locations on foot to solve puzzles given by clues. 

The game uses the what 3 words app, which is an app which uses 3 words to find a location to travel to. Agent November has used this within the clues to tell you your next location of where you need to be to solve the puzzle. Additionally, the agent is with you from start to finish during your mission, so they can assist with more clues and keep you on the right path. 

The puzzles featured within the mission are very clever in the sense of it uses the surroundings and locations of its missions to its advantage. Things you wouldn’t think are a part of the puzzle as they are day by day surroundings become clues that can be decoded and solved. Once you find the relevant information which is hidden in plain sight, along with some logical thinking from yourself, you can decode the puzzle which gets you an artefact back. 

The storyline set was very in depth which is something we experienced during the virtual mission. A backstory is given prior to you arriving with more information prior to you starting the Robyn Yew mission. The further you develop into the game, everything makes more sense in the story and you really feel that your one step further in becoming a agent in stopping the international crisis. 

Being immersive is key with any escape game and what is more immersive than playing in the real world than being an agent, solving puzzles in the open, being assisted by the agent that has recruited you. Whilst the props and puzzles were fairly simple, the effect, solution and joy they brought to the experience did not leave us disappointed. Whilst you may think being watched and followed by a games master / agent takes some element of fun away, they really do add to the overall gameplay effect. Adding witty comments, comedy, assistance and more to your 60 minute maniac adventure. 

Overall, Agent November has provided a real life mission that contains puns, excitement and immersion in the wide open world of London. Whilst the rest of London gets on with its day, you are amongst the mist of it, decoding puzzles and stopping Robyn Yew whilst nobody else has any idea what is going on. From some genius puzzles to the agent assisting you, everything clicks into place to provide a top class adventure you wouldn’t get elsewhere within the UK. With this being one mission out of three in the real world, with each story interlinking in it’s unique way, we cannot wait to assist Agent November in the next part of the story in stopping Marty Orri. 

Once again, a huge thank you is in order to Agent November for hosting our game during our slightly wet day in London. They provided a safe yet thrilling mission within London. We recommend you head to the website to book an experience, whether that is to take down Robyn Yew within London or see what is happening in the Virtual X-Caper mission online, which can be played by the whole world! 

Agent November Robyn Yew Review


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