The bletchley london 2018 review

The Bletchley is located in Chealsea London, hidden away underground, underneath the Worlds End restaurant. #CocktailbarMeetsEscapeRoom is the best way to explain this incredible unique experience. This is a Lollipop project which have created experiences around London with a similair kind of nature, with the latest experience being The Bletchley. (Although this is The Bletchley II – now updated with new missions, new routes & a harder enemy!)

The Bletchley allows you to enter into an immersive world of code-breaking and cocktails. Based on the World War II theme, you are a agent required to solve puzzles using enigma machines with your sherlock investigation skills to create personalised cocktails depending on your results…

£34.99 is the price of entry and this gives you a 1 hour, 45 minute experience along with 3 cocktail drinks (non alcoholic if you prefer). Upon entry, you are greeted by staff dressed in army uniform who take you to your table for the night. You are left to get dressed into your own army coat which you are required to wear so they know you are not the enemy! Shortly after, you are given a breif overview of how the night will go along with which route of clues you wish to go down, easy or hard? Both aren’t too difficult however, one is more required to move about whilst the other is more sit down, depending on the kind of experience you wish to have.

Each table you are given enough coats for your team, a notepad and pencil, a radio device and most importantly the enigma machine! These were super cool and is what was required to complete any missions assigned to you. With an enemy being anywhere, everything had to be cryptic! Your mission was handed in an envelope but you had to decode parts using the enigma machine. Once you solved the puzzle, you had to use the radio machine by inputting the wires into the machine to call headquaters to let them know.

You are probably wondering how the cocktail plays a part in this experience? Well, it’s simple but it’s not also. No receipe is created twice as there is so many different options and combinations that, you can visit over 100 times and get different cocktail. You don’t really get a say in what you want in your cocktail but the way you feedback and answer some of the missions assigned to you, will give you a cocktail depending on the mission. You don’t even have to answer the same way as the rest of your team as the missions we completed, we gave different answers to give different cocktails.

The experience was completely authentic in our eyes and really gave off the vibe of World War II in the room it’s hosted in. From sirens, the machines, the uniforms and missions, it was so well put together. For what you are paying for, you are basically paying for the drinks alone and the experience is a plus!

We managed to solve all of the cases assigned to us through our experience and enjoyed all of the cocktails crafted by the team. Our genuine worry was the drinks wouldn’t be to our liking however, it seems whatever drink you create from your decesions, creates a drink you will like!

Overall, The Bletchley is a must visit experience in London! If you are a fan of escape rooms and cocktails, this places mixes them together and creates a much less stressed experience which can be enjoyed by all puzzle solvers.

Please note that The Bletchley is an 18+ experience due to it being located in a bar and the experience being themed on the notion of alcohol.


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