The Extraction Room Maidstone Review

The Extraction Room is one of Maidstones escape room experiences located in the heart of the town centre. Opening under 2 years ago, they have dedicated endless time & passion into this project being one escape game known as Extraction. Open Thursday – Sunday on select times and dates, the small team have constructed, built and now host a completely unique escape game which you would only find in Maidstone. 

The Extraction Room is easily located through Google Maps and is found within the town centre of Maidstone, in the South East of England. Although the shop front may be small in appearance, don’t let this fall you into thinking what the experience has to offer, as The Extraction Room is quite a large experience which they have cleverly used within the long building they have here.

We arrived with plenty of time of our game, approximately 15 minutes before our start time as requested. We were welcomed and given a standard safety brief you would find in most escape rooms alongside places to put all of our loose items. 

The story was as followed; ” After being told his granddaughter had only days before the virus would end her life, Dr Stein, the crazy scientist found you to experiment on. Can you find the antidote and escape within time?”

With 60 minutes on the clock, we entered through a damaged and battered door where we had to keep our eyes closed for the first minute to set the scene…To prepare us for the experience (usually we would be blindoflded, but this aspect has been removed due to COVID restrictions).

After listening to a short introduction story to set the scene, we were left in a unusual starting room to start our escape and finding this antidote to save ourselves. 

Whilst we do not wish to spoil the experience and to keep the review spoiler free, the attention to detail in terms of the story of the The Extraction Room was perfect. This was accompanied by the high level of detail across many different segments found in the experience. The rooms were all to a good size for an average team with plenty of places to explore and secrets to be hidden. 

Whilst there were different segments, these all helped develop the story even further the deeper you went into the experience. Setting these different scenes were done by the themeing and the use of some audio. Overall, it created this immersive experience which from start to finish was incredible and didn’t break the illusion of an escape game.

The puzzles used through the game were a mixture of logical and physical. As with every escape experience, you needed to search and find clues absolutely everywhere and some of them were very cleverly hidden, especially in the first room.

These puzzles kept within the theme of the different segments and worked seamlessly together in a non linear game play style. The huge selection of puzzles used different skill sets combined with different senses, allowed the game to flow easily and naturally, rather than being forced to be set on a set puzzle.  

One of our favourite parts of the whole experience was the clever use of space and the physical aspect of entrances that took you into these different segments. 

Overall, The Extraction Room was an immersive, story driven, original escape experience which made perfect use of space and types of puzzles. The highly detailed sets through the different scenes gave the experience this eerie feel and made the experience perfect. Whilst the company only have one room, it’s clear the passion and time that has gone into this project is stunning and really shows to anybody who visits. 

The Extraction Room costs £50 for 2 – 3 players and goes up to £90 for 6 players. Bookings should be made directly with them and we would of course, highly recommend you to visit!

We’d like to thank the team for allowing us to visit and allowing us to escape. As you can see, with 21 seconds to spare, we managed to escape with the antidote and take an amazing team photo! 

The Extraction Room Maidstone Review

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The Extraction Room Maidstone Review

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