The Grand Diamond Heist Escape From Home Review

Want to escape from home? Now you can with these play at home games!

Escape From Home is a new company we have found on the web which offers play at home games which is fun for the whole family. From mobile games, online games and print & play games, they have a wide range of style when it comes to offering out puzzle adventures! 

One of the games we are looking into in this review, is from the print & play collection. These are games which require a little bit of setup prior to playing as you need to print the puzzles before playing. Additional to this, you may need to setup other items such as pens, calculators, glue and so on to help you solve the puzzles. Sometimes this also includes cutting out the puzzles which is normally a key part in these games. 

The company offer a wide range of print & play games from Locked In, The Zookeeper’s Rescue & The Grand Diamond Heist, the game we are reviewing today. All have a different targeted age range, theme and level of difficulty to suit every type of puzzle participant. 

The Grand Diamond Heist Review

The Grand Diamond Heist is designed for ages 10+ with it priced at £10 to print yourself, or £15 for a print & post option for you. 

“Inside the bank is the most precious and valuable jewel in the world, the Grand Diamond. You’ve been recruited as part of a crack team to break into the bank and steal the diamond without getting caught. Can you do it?”

The play at home series by Escape From Home is paper based and can be played at home alone or with family, or simultaneously with friends and fellow puzzle solvers via video calling software. Depending on how you play the game, it requires some setting up as previously mentioned. The recommended setup is to have a games host who can act as the games master for your escape at home adventure. If you do not have a spare person who can be the host, there is an online portal with the answers hidden and you can reveal per puzzle. The downside to this however, is that if you do get the puzzle wrong, you are then provided with the right answer, leaving the puzzle solved regardless if it is right or wrong. If you did this with a games host, this does not happen. 

The Grand Diamond Heist Review

The Grand Diamond Heist has a basic story which flows throughout the game in its paper form. Each puzzle progresses the story into the heist which sets the scene. There are 8 unique puzzles in total within this heist, each with a range of difficulty which allows each player to use there strengths to move forward in the game. The puzzles require some cutting on a number of the games, with some requiring glue / tape and folding to get the required answer. The final puzzle required assistance from a  toilet roll tube which helped created a 3D puzzle, which was rather unusual but clever in terms of its simplicity. 

The other games were a mixture of fun and complexity but we could see how this could be done with a larger and younger group than ourselves. They were the right level of difficulty to keep the game fun and interesting like a normal escape room would, which is an achievement in itself due to it all being paper based. Whilst solving the games in 1 hour & 11 mins and the recommended time being between 45-60 minutes, if we removed our cutting time from this experience, I think it is safe to say we completed the heist successfully!

Overall we think ‘Play At Home’ is a great escape concept, The Grand Diamond Heist is definitely more suited to families, but is still great fun nonetheless and kept our brains in action for over an hour. Even though a lot of these games will have been created due to lockdown restrictions, we are hopeful there is a future for these regardless; as they are easily accessible and on-demand to play, alone or with friends and family, remotely or together!

We’d like to thank Escape From Home for providing us with a copy of the game. Whilst we received this game for free, we believe the price (£10 at the time of writing for this particular game) represents good value for around an hour of fun for the whole group.

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