The Movember Virtual Moscape Room by Deadlocked Online Review

Deadlocked Escape Rooms release another 90 minute adventure which is fun, hairy and more importantly, for charity!

Deadlocked Escape Rooms release another online adventure this November. Deadlocked Online has now 3 adventures to play with us previously reviewing The Insiders, a 3 x 90 minute experience package online. This time, we take part in a 90 minute adventure but for the Movember UK chairty! 

Deadlocked Escape Rooms is usually an escape room business with multiple locations scattered throughout the UK with many different games. All the games interlink with The Wexell Corporation which is a inside company within Deadlocked Escape Rooms. All the games have a different theme however but this is what ties them together across all the different locations & online.

The Movember Virtual Moscape Room by Deadlock Escape Rooms Review

“It is October 31st, the eve of Movember, and ‘T’ is working late, instead of hosting his famous annual Halloween party, but this leaves him without his shaver when he needs it the most. Movember starts tomorrow, and the Wexell Corporation take it very seriously. So seriously that if he hasn’t shaved by midnight, they will count it as him CHEATING AT MOVEMBER. You’ll have to break into the security at the Wexell Corporation, but only if you can help his colleague, Joey, get into his house and locate his surprisingly well hidden ‘special razor’. Why does he need this specific razor? Why is Joey going along with this mad-capped adventure, and can you help a rapper come up with an on-brand rap before it’s all over? All these questions and more can only be discovered by playing ‘The Movember Virtual Moscape Room’. It’s about to get hairy.”

This online adventure costs £15 and requires the use for one person to have a computer and Facebook online. This is everything you need in getting started in this experience, compared to printing, cutting etc. 

1/3 of the cost goes to the Movember UK charity to help with their amazing work!

This Moscape starts with you logging in through the online portal with a unique code, which is sent when you have purchased the game. Only one person is required to be logged in to play and anyone can play through the use of video calling or, other people in your household. It’s best to setup so they can hear audio and see visually prior to starting your escape as otherwise, the time starts like we did and you end up with an embarrassing escape time!

You login to a virtual PC to start this Movember madness, which details the story much more and with the use of video, gives a great start to the experience. With many extra things on the computer, it requires some exploring to start heading in the right direction. 

The game cleverly uses Facebook to its advantage alongside the virtual custom made portal for the game to make this game super fun & unique. Using multiple choices throughout the experience, comedy, videos and the portal all together, created something so fun to play and worked seamlessly when put all together. 

The Movember Virtual Moscape Room

Some of the best elements to the game were all of the clever moustache puns and links to the silly storyline, which were constantly followed up all the way through the adventure. You could say this was fanTACHEtic. We have seen the use of Facebook being integrated into more and more virtual online games as of lately however, Deadlocked have pushed all of the buttons to get the maximum out of specially created accounts for the game. Using these special made characters, it feels like the game is happening in real time and adds to overall experience. 

The difficulty level was at the perfect setting for us and this was because of a great new option allowing you to select your difficuilty! This was a sweet feature as it allowed us to select a more challenging game however, for newcomers or people trialing out these kind of games, you can select an easier setting of the game.

Overall, Deadlock Online has created the perfect moscape online game and for a great charity. We managed to complete this in just over 2 hours 30 minutes however, we did have some technical issues which added to our time (no excuses we promise). As you can see, we took no hints and some achievements were completed but we missed out on some too, which is another little feature which we absolutely love. We were totally immersed in another adventure by the genius team at Deadlocked and always love playing their real life escape rooms to their online virtual escapes at home. 

Whilst November is still here and the many of us are in Lockdown 2.0, we highly advise to take on the challenge for more than the reasons we have mentioned above. For newcomers, this is a perfect starting to your virtual escape journey and for the escape roomaholics, this provides some great fun, laughs and challenge like your typical escape room. The main reason though has to be that you are supporting the Movember UK charity by just purchasing the game, so fun whilst helping a worthy cause. 

Thank you as always to the Deadlock team for allowing us to play for free and review another fanTACHEtic game (sorry last one). We have given £5 to the Movember UK charity like Deadlock team would of if we purchased the game and cannot wait to see more from them in the future. 

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The Movember Virtual Moscape Room by Deadlock Escape Rooms Review

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