The Steampunk Express by Escape Rooms Adventure Review

With 3 unique themed escape games created by Escape Rooms Adventure, we had to take a visit to experience one of these fun sounding games!

Escape Room Adventures is one of two escape rooms located within Royal Leamington Spa and is found just outside of the main town centre. Situated in an old looking building which was previously used to store good such as beers, they have managed to grab a huge space to build their escape rooms.

As a independent business, they are not chained with any other escape rooms and currently only have the one location. They currently hold 3 escape room adventures you can play, which are all completely differently themed. The 3 escape rooms are Conflict of Kings, Star of Orion and the game we played, The Steampunk Express!

“it is 1892 in a steampunk version of western USA. You and your buddies are bandits that the sheriff has been unsuccessfully trying to catch for many years.

You plan to rob the Steampunk Express. But it’s a trap! The sheriff has rigged the train to crash with you on board, but he has left a way out if you are as clever as you think you are…

You have an hour to solve the sheriff’s puzzles and stop the train before it’s too late!”

The Steampunk Express was hosted in a large open room which was heavily detailed to a steampunk train. We could see puzzles scattered throughout the sides of the room, with the windows flashing to simulate the train was moving to match the story. Although we loved the theme and story, it was a little confused with it being more a western / cowboy styled themed room with elements of steampunk. Nevertheless, it was amazingly put together themeing and detailed wise.

The puzzles within are all designed by Indestroom, an escape room supplier who have some very clever electronic puzzles. Escape Rooms Adventure have decided to not go for any manual or padlock styled puzzles as they have decided to be more focused on the latest second generation styled escape experience. These puzzles are super cool and there were plenty of them to solve, keeping within that high detail of the theme of the room and not breaking the theme. With this said, it was a shame we didn’t see anything unique in terms of puzzles as they were all electronic and can be purchased for any escape room.

Some of the details we have to point out is the entrance to the room. As seen in the picture, it looks like your entering into a steampunk train. Each escape room has its own portal to enter before begining the adventure, which is great to see it starts from outside the room!


Overall, The Steampunk Express was a nice fun room which was highly detailed with some entertaining electronic puzzles. The downsides would be that it lacks originality due to the type of puzzles being outsourced and as a 2nd generation themed room, they lack the mixture of manual related puzzles. Whilst we prefer the mixture, we can see how a 2nd generation room can be very popular and very entertaining. The hour passed very quickly and the puzzles were that perfect level of difficulty, where it wasn’t too difficult to solve but they weren’t too easy! 

We managed to escape and must say thank you to the Escape Rooms Adventure team for inviting us down in October to experience The Steampunk Express. We are sure if you are looking for a different, latest generation escape room which is amazingly themed, you should take a visit! 


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The Steampunk Express by Escape Room Adventures Review

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