The Time Machine by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Reading Review

Travel through time and space saving the universe one world at a time. Could we escape in one minute? (Yes you heard that right) Read on to find out…

Deadlocked Escape Rooms are an escape room organisation here in the UK. With locations setup in Reading, Loughborough & Northampton, they have multiple different experiences to enjoy. 

During lockdown, we experienced 1 out of the 2 online experiences they created, The Insiders. This was an incredible adventure to play at home and you can read more about it from our review by clicking here! 

The Reading location has an interlinking connection between all of the rooms, The Wexell Cooperation. This being the theme and inside organisation which the games are played around. Whilst each escape room has its own unique storyline and can be played in any order, as they connect within the same universe that adds a layer of immersiveness which you don’t see often.

The Time Machine by Deadlocked Escape Rooms

During our visit to the Reading location, we experienced the newest mission there known as The Time Machine. A very unique experience from the get go with some really unusual features during the game which we’ve never seen before. 

The experience began as we turned up to the location whilst we were rushed into a video briefing as a matter of urgency. We needed to fix the time machine before its too late. One catch, we only had 60 seconds to do so. Yes, that’s correct, 60 seconds to fix the time machine otherwise we were transported to a different time where we would have to escape!

As we were no time machine fixing experts, we were told it may take several attempts to fix the time machine but we had 90 minutes to do so. Longer than your average escape game however, we could see why. Each time you entered the time machine, you had a series of tasks to complete in order to fix it. Problem is, none of it makes sense right at the start so travelling to the new locations gave us vital information and hints on what we may need to do. With themed locations such as Space, the Guy Fawkes era and the London Underground, you were really taken to random locations with the use of some very clever behind the scenes work. 

The Time Machine by Deadlocked Escape Rooms

The experience was very immersive with being transported to all of these different locations with all of the puzzles having a story and set in its relevant topic. The space room used more technology with its puzzles whilst the Guy Fawkes room used more manual puzzles, giving a great diverse mix along your adventure. 

Our favourite room had to be the space themed zone with the use of technology and how it all came together. Although, we were the fastest team to escape the Guy Fawkes themed area however, we cheated by having 5 of us in the room. 

The experience is for teams of 4 to play due to the spacing in each room and with 5 of us in the room, we can see why. This didn’t ruin our experience and each room still had just enough space for us to solve our puzzles and escape back into the time machine for another attempt

Overall, The Time Machine had some unreal moments and sheer brilliance in design to create an immersive time machine experience. Using the space cleverly with some crafty behind the scenes work, they have managed to simulate what a time machine does in the real world and you get to experience that first hand in this experience. On top of several different themes with the time machine escape game, the best part is the manic 60 seconds in actually fixing the time machine. Managing to escape in 69 minutes and known as team Hot, we conquered The Time Machine with a little bit of cheating due to our team size (whoops).

Deadlocked Escape Games are open and completely covid-19 safe during the time we are currently in and writing the review. The game was fantastic and we cannot thank the team enough for letting us visit. We highly recommend booking The Time Machine, espically if you are a fan of Doctor Who or the sci-fi theme but if not, the other 2 rooms may be to your fancy. 

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The Insiders by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Review

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