The Walk at Over Farm Review 2020

The Walk at Over Farm is our first Halloween event of this unusual year of restricted & limited events. Usually home to Frightmare, Over Farm becomes home to The Walk for 2020, a short woodland walk to pay homage to Halloween!

Over Farm is your typical farm throughout the year which is located in Gloucester. Come Halloween, Frightmare usually takes over the space with multiple scare mazes and a lively & spooky atmosphere which many travel to the farm for. Sadly due to Covid-19, many Halloween events have had to cancel or amend their usual offerings due to the heavy restrictions and challenges they face. 

New for 2020, Over Farm introduce The Walk, a 20-30 minute walk through the farmland across many different sets, scenes and actors to offer some kind of Halloween event for this year. 

The event runs only on Thursday, Friday & Saturdays throughout October, following strict Covid measures across the event and site. 

“We journey through this trying year, our creatures thrive, have no fear. Around the farm they do dwell, in sets and scenes not far from hell. Your thoughts will race, your mind distorts, ‘tis close to Halloween of course. Follow the lights so you don’t fail, If I were you, I’d stick to the trail…”

The evening walk trail takes you through a number of sets, scenes and the odd creature along your dark path. The Pirates Gallows, Voodoo Woods & The Carousel are just some of the sets you come across along your journey. 

Whilst the event is designed to be scary, this is not the usual or full Frightmare experience due to the difficult measures put in place currently. Aimed for 12+, the event takes place straight away upon arrival and checking in. The Walk does not require you to wear masks due to the event being outside and all monsters keeping a reasonable distance.

The Walk does contain a handful of surprises on the trial which does include some special effects, such as pyro and loud bangs. The surprise at the ending however, is something we must keep a surprise but it will leave you running…

Once your walk comes to an end, you can grab some food & drink in the outside hub area. You must grab this to takeaway to the hub area and you are unable to revisit the food & drink booth once you have passed this point due to restrictions.

You are seated by one of the “Bench Wench’s”, which were spooky drag queen characters on one of the tables. Once at the table, they went through a list of comical but informative rules during your time in the hub, which you have a limited hour time slot before having to vacate to make room for others. 

Passion for Laughter was also performing which you can normally find him at the Frightmare event. He had a stage in the middle of the hub and performed many tricks, stunts and funny gags throughout your time here. 

Overall, we loved The Walk and we think it was a great replacement event instead of Frightmare. Whilst The Walk was small in comparison to Frightmare, they have made the woodland evening walk work with a handful of actors and entertainment happening. 


Scares – 4/10
The scares as expected were not anything to scream about but this would be expected with only a handful of actors and short woodland walk. The ending really did ramp up the scares for the event however!

Themeing & Storyline – 6/10
They had a simple story which worked for the space and event they wanted to complete and each set & scene felt complete. 

Actors – 7/10
The actors really did impress us throughout The Walk, using new and different techniques to scare us instead of jumping out in front of you unexpectedly. 

Total – 17/30 – 3 Stars


We loved our short visit to Over Farm for The Walk event and it was a different but great starting event for ourselves. If you do wish to visit, they still have availability which is slowly booking up, with Halloween night itself being sold out already. Prices are £17 per person and can only be purchased via the Over Farm website.

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