Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2019 Review

Thorpe Park Fright Nights is back for its 17th year of frights with a brand new maze, a new show and many exciting and terrifying changes. We were invited over by Thorpe Park Resort to experience the event before the crowds flock in for another year and was pleasently surprised by what we came across from the resort like no other.

As many of you know, Thorpe Park is home to some of the best coasters in Europe and even moreso at night. The big coasters such as Stealth & Nemesis Inferno at night creates for a whole new experience compared to the day and shouldn’t be forgotten.

The Feared Five Challenge is new for 2019 and requires guests to experience all 5 main coasters to be awarded a festival styled wristband free from the Thorpe Megashop. We think you’ll love the design and is a great challenge set by the park.

This is the first time in what we think for a long time that Fright Nights has really surpassed expectations and has entered a new calibre in the scare game. The mazes have stepped up to a whole new level and as a collective of attractions, really gives Thorpe the worthy title of the home of fear.

The Walking Dead Living Nightmare.

The Walking Dead Living Nightmare has returned for another take of Fright Nights. The ever popular TV show is highlighted throughout several iconic themed rooms throughout the maze. The scares were sharp but were a little tame from previous experiences in other years and very little had changed throughout except from a slightly new ending. The ending ties in with the latest season of The Walking Dead and is great to see that the maze adapts with new seasons being launched from the TV show. Overall, the maze was the weakest in the lineup this year but is still a solid maze to experience if you haven’t already.

Scare: 4/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 | Actors: 5/10 | Overall: 19/30

Platform 15

Platform 15 returns for its fourth successful runthrough with some minor edits but mainly a stronger and scarier actor level. The cast of 2019 have done it justice with actors filling the required spaces and the creepiness of the conductor always looming. The storyline seemed to of changed from previous years and with another brand new ending, it possibly could be one of the best ones yet! Overall, Platform 15 keeps up with its strong contenders this year with multiple jump scares and high energy levels throughout the story driven attraction.

Scare: 7/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 | Actors: 8/10 | Overall: 24/30

Blair Witch

Blair Witch has returned to the Fright Night lineup but with a significantly changed layout. The longest edition of the maze by far which takes you on a much lengthier and terrifying journey through the overgrown woods to meet its inhabitants. The route takes you further into the woodland area and really taking you away from the theme park atmosphere and immersion you into a quiet forest like area. The actors played a perfect part to the story with them warning us about the sun not coming up and not to head into the shed. Overall, this is a great overhaul of what was previously seen and shows how much the park ha stepped up it’s game in 2019.

Scare: 8/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 | Actors: 8/10 | Overall: 23/30

The Walking Dead: Do or Die

Changed from the Sanctum into do or die last year, this Walking Dead attraction has definitely had some large improvements from its debut last year. Including a changed route and using the space more cleverly, the actors have every opportunity to get you from all sides. The strongest part of the maze was shortly after the start where they can really apply fear and tense pressure onto the victims that pass through, and may even find yourself split up. We think the new changes for 2019 are incredible and really allows this maze to be rated as one of the best mazes at Thorpe Park for this year.

Scare: 8/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 6/10 | Actors: 9/10 | Overall: 23/30

Creak Freak Massacre

Brand new for 2019, Creak Freak Massacre has taken over the old loggers leap ride building and has totally transformed what we all remember and love. Based on an old saw mill, the family invites you in to work for them but you shortly find out what really happens within the mill. Advertised as the most intense maze ever by Thorpe, we can confirm this is a true statement with every single run through pulling out so many scares. The small space turns into a tardis as you step in with the experience lasting for what feels is a lifetime. With one of the largest crews it feels to date within a confirmed space, you really experience the intensity as you make your way through with some slightly different routes and splitting options becoming possible to help spread the crowds. As you would expect, chainsaws filled the smoke infested wooden corridors and they didn’t hold back either. The endless effects from heat, strobe, petrol chainsaws and more really gives an impact you wouldn’t find in many other scare mazes in the UK. Overall, we believe Thorpe Park have done a brilliant job with this attraction and they created a masterpiece.

Scare: 9/10 | Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 | Actors: 10/10 | Overall: 29/30


Containment is back once again to test willing victims on a variety of phobias whilst under the pressure of trying to solve the puzzles in 4 different scenes; there’s also actors in there with you, but they tend to cause more hindrance than help. 2019 sees some changes, with all the codes being different. The first room has become a new numerical challenge, and the second room has been revamped with a whole new fear and clues. Overall we’re pleased to see this attraction make a return as it provides a more personal experience whilst testing your brain. This attraction is an upcharge and has limited availability.

Terror at Amity High

Terror at Amity High has evolved hugely from the handful of roaming actors that featured in 2018. It has taken the interactivity from last year and become so much more; featuring a large cast of actors who swarm the Stealth plaza there’s a whole variety of creepy and fun characters. What makes this so special is that it features a stage where at intervals throughout the day a flash mob performance is held. We were really impressed and not expecting something on this scale, the choreography and choice of soundtrack really fit the American high school prom theme… just with vampires involved!

To sum the event up, Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2019 is going to be one of the best events in the UK by far. With 2018 being the year of quantity, 2019 is the year of quality with all of the amendments and fine tuning allowing them to turn up the scare factor to a new high.

We think Creak Freak Massacre will be a huge success and everybody is going to love Terror at Amity High. This is along with all of the other mazes and rides Thorpe Park have to offer as the skies become dark and the park enters its best time of year. You’ll struggle to find another Premier event where you’ll find the best rides and mazes under the same roof.

Thorpe Park Resort really is the home of fear for 2019!

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