Thrill Monthly March edition

March has been a rather unfortunate month across the whole of the world. With the global pandemic known as Covid-19, many countries including the UK have gone into Lockdown, restricting us and many others to cover & enjoy what we all love. With an unknown time frame on this, we can only continue on and cover what is available during this difficult time for all. With opening of theme parks and the main season due to of started this month alongside some exciting new ride & attraction openings, these will be hopefully be enjoyed in April / May.

Thrill Monthly is a monthly article which will highlight the major news and updates happening throughout the UK and European countries. We will share our best photos and experiences each month alongside sharing any reviews and future reviews expected to be upcoming from us in the following month! Whilst we try to cover as much as possible, some news and infomation will at times not be included within the article and this is down to our discretion.

News & Updates

UK Theme Parks

  • All theme parks in the UK delay opening with Legoland Windsor & Chessington World of Adventures being the only parks to open for it’s main season, whilst other parks such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park all only opened for services & buy out days. 
  • Fantasy Island were due to have a Skyflyer for opening due to delay new thrill ride Turberlence. We are unsure if any further delays will happen now due to the current situation.
  • Chessington World of Adventures release a standard & premium annual pass, similair to what is in place to Thorpe Park & Alton Towers. 
  • When the parks reopen, new attractions are expected to fully open such as the new World of David Walliams at Alton Towers & Black Mirror at Thorpe Park. 
  • Vampire’s animatronic returns in full glory this season. 
  • Merlin Entertainments will compensate for time for Merlin Membership & annual pass holders. 

Other Thrills

  • Shreks Adventure offer new experience known as Trolls World Tour. 
  • New Waterpark expected in a few years time near Manchester’s Trafford Centre. 
  • Walsall Scare Maze gave update that they are revamping for Halloween 2020 event. 
  • clueQuest offer new escape room experience at home called Print – Cut – Escape. 
  • Other escape rooms across the UK are offering escape room experiences virtually other than physically being in the room. 

 European Thrills

  • Dinsyeland Paris put in extra measures to prevent closing however ultimately, resulted in closing shortly after measures were implemented. 
  • Phantasialand construct new entrance into park via Matamba hotel. 
  • Liseberg showcase new virtual queueing for new dark ride for the park in 2020. 
  • All European theme parks are closed until further notice.


Top Thrills Of The Month

The War of the worlds in London

March started off with a bang with a great trip into London. Birdies at Battersea Power Station was an incredible 9 hole minigolf course which stands out and I’d highly recommend however, the highlight goes to Jeff Wayne’s: The War of the World experience by DotDotDot. This incredible 90 minute experience used virtual reality to the limit across many different formats to tell the classic tale. Easily one of my all time favourite experiences!

Alton Towers Resort

March was unfortunately interrupted due to the current situation, but I was fortunate enough to get to Alton Towers twice and getting back on Wicker Man was definitely the highlight! 🔥

Chessington World of Adventures

I didn’t let the doom & gloom of the obvious spoil my fun. I went to Chessington World of Adventures 3 times & Legoland twice! The new Duplo Coaster is cute for the little ones. My personal favourite moment is getting the weight correctly distributed in our car of Dragons Fury. It span pretty quick all the way round, easily the best ride i’ve ever had on it! I will reveal next month my secret on it!

Check them out!

Click the image to be taken to their Website!

Thorpe Park Mania are the ones you should check out this month and we want to say a personal thanks for the help they have offered Thrill Nation for the few openings and updates at Theme Parks during March. Thorpe Park Mania are mainly dedicated to Thorpe Park Resort and have been the official fansite for a large period of time. With a dedicated forum with a large active user following alongside in depth information about Thorpe Park, it is worth checking them out. When Thorpe Park opens later on this year, make sure to follow them on social media for some great photography and coverage of everything related of the resort like no other!

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