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We here at Thrill Nation have decided to keep the public occupied during the current Lockdown in the UK. With this unfortunate time we are all aware of, we have decided to follow like minded content creators such as Cupcakes & Coasters & Scare Tour in creating an interactive & thriling quiz. This will be a new weekly addition to Thrill Nation for the 6-8 weeks with the possibility of this being extended & continuing, dependant on feedback.

Thrill Nation Thrilling Quiz Overview

The Thrill Nation Thrilling Quiz will be a weekly quiz which starts at a 6:30pm every Saturday for the next 6-8 weeks. The quiz will be hosted on My Quiz which is a free platform to host the quiz and for players to register & make an account. 50 Questions over 5 different rounds will be asked with different points being awarded per difficulty of the question. The top 3 from each quiz for a maximum of 4 weeks will be put into a draw to win a sponsored prize. Rounds will be everything covered by Thrill Nation such as, Theme Parks, Scare Attractions, Escape Rooms & other fun activities. 

How it works

  • The quiz will be hosted on My Quiz ( and we recommend you are familiar with the site prior to the game. 
  • The quiz begins at 6:30pm every Saturday starting from March 28th until otherwise confirmed via social media or this blog article.
  • At 6pm via all social media, a code will go live to allow you to join the quiz lobby on My Quiz in preparation for the 6:30pm start.
  • The lobby at present can hold 100 players and will come on a first come first serve basis (will change depending on popularity) 
  • The quiz will last no longer than 20 minutes with no break. 50 Questions over 5 topics will be within the quiz. 
  • The topics will be revealed each week along with the code at 6pm and will feature Theme Parks, Scare Attractions alongside other fun activities.
  • At the end of the quiz, the top 3 players will receive a special code where they will be required to then Facebook us to be entered within the draw.
  • Sponsored prizes can be withdrawn at any time depending on the sponsor. Restrictions put in place by the sponsor will be made to you via the sponsor. Winners will need to give consent in giving details over to the relevant sponsor to redeem prize. Entering the quiz means you agree to all conditions unless otherwise confirmed. 


Just Coach Travel is a coach company which travels across the UK & Europe to cover many family holidays at the best budget possible. Deposits start at £1 per person and packages with tickets, hotels and connections can all be arranged via them too. More infomation on Just Coach Travel can be found by clicking on the image. 

Just Coach Travel have kindly sponsored the quiz with 2 travel only tickets to any of their Disney or Efteling Trips! With multiple Disney dashes, this is a great opportunity to head to either park on a budget if you’ve never been or if you are a regular visitor. 

Puzzalogical Escape Rooms is a brand new Escape Room company based in Bracknell. With the opening of Puzzalogical due later this year, they will open with several rooms such as The Secret of the Vault & Prison Break. With 60 minutes to escape, these highly immersive experience will be worth experiencing! 

Puzzalogical Escape Rooms have kindly sponsored the quiz with an Escape Room experience on any room up to 6 people! This voucher would normally cost £120! Being located 15 minutes from Legoland, 30 minutes from Thorpe & 45 minutes from Chessington, this is easily added to a thrilling day out! 

Extra chance to win an escape room for up to 6 people with Puzzalogical Escape Rooms! 

1. Like Puzzalogical Escape Rooms on Facebook.
2. Like Thrill Nation on Facebook.
3. Head to the Puzzalogical Escape Room website and sign up to the mailing list.

Sign up by Saturday April 18th by 11:59pm where 3 random people will be chosen to be entered into the draw of 12 from quiz winners, where 1 will be selected to win the prize!

We hope the quiz will bring some joy at this difficult time in the UK & beyond. The prizes will be able to used at a later date and gives you something to look forward to later in 2020. Overall, the quiz is a bit of fun and we hope we can continue it further. Any sponsors who wish to sponsor future quizzes should email us at Keep up to date with us on all our social media by searching Thrill Nation and we look forward to everybody who takes part! 

Winners so far

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